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Nature's Classroom: Alpaca Care & Handling

  • Location Warminster
  • Price from £10.00


Immerse your child in a distinctive experience designed to enhance personal development, social abilities, and emotional health. Nestled in the serene setting of Wiltshire's countryside, our Alpaca care and handling group invites children aged 10 and older to a 90-minute semi-structured session. This session expertly combines animal-assisted interventions, cognitive activities, and the development of social skills. 

What to Expect:
Alpaca Interaction: Participants will be introduced to our alpacas, learning fundamental aspects of gentle handling, care, and communication with these animals.

Cognitive Exercises: The session includes interactive discussions and enjoyable problem-solving tasks that foster critical thinking.

Nature Walk: Participants will enjoy a calming nature walk with the alpacas, connecting with the outdoors, benefiting from fresh air, and practising mindfulness. 

Social Skills Development: The experience emphasises cooperative tasks that enhance teamwork and communication skills. Participants are encouraged to take turns, share experiences, and assist each other, highlighting the value of social connections. 

Who Should Attend: This session is perfectly suited for children aged 10 and older who aim to enrich their educational journey, develop social skills, and bolster emotional well-being.

Safety: Ensuring the safety of both our alpacas and attendees is our top priority. All activities are conducted under the supervision of our experienced staff to guarantee a secure and rewarding experience for everyone.


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Appropriate clothing for outside activities. Closed toed trainers or boots.
  • Drink


  • Flexible Policy