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Farm Friday: Self-Guided Farm Experience

  • Location Richards
  • Price from $10.00


Enjoy the peaceful serenity of the Sam Houston National Forest for this tranquil one-hour self-guided farm experience. For the best experience, our Farm Guide and Workbook (available on-site, digitally or for purchase) will help you navigate and learn more about Agape Farms as well as give you educational and fun keepsakes such as animal facts, coloring pages, worksheets & writing activities.聽

Perfect for the solo mom looking for an easy outing with a little, a small group of homeschoolers, to senior living communities or families ready for a day making memories together, Agape Farms is offering a one-hour retreat into the simple life, to enjoy nature and the free beauty that God has designed and created for us all.聽聽

Animal Encounters:
馃 Turkey
馃 Ducks
馃悡 Chicken
馃 Alpaca
馃悇 Cow聽
馃悜 Sheep
馃悙 Goat
馃惔 Horse
馃悋 Rabbit
and more!


No-frills Accommodation

Spend 1 hour, intimate with nature, on a working farm, hanging with farm animals, in the Sam Houston National Forest.

    What's included

  • Other Digital Workbook

    What you'll need

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Other Protective Clothing and Footwear


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