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Evening Talks at Quince Honey Farm: "World of Bumblebees" and "Magical insects of Quince Honey Farm"

  • Location South Molton
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Join us on Thursday 15th September 2022 at 7pm as Quince Honey Farm hosts another two nature-themed talks: "The World of Bumblebees" with Jamie Buxton-Gould from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and "Magical insects of Quince Honey Farm" with Karolina Andreasova, local artist and photographer.

The World of Bumblebees
Bumblebees are fascinating creatures - wonderful in their own right, but also important to us as key pollinators of flowers and crops. Indicators of a healthy ecosystem, this talk will cover the lifecycle of a bumblebee, their ecology and favoured habitats, how to identify common species and how you can help by encouraging bumblebee-friendly flowers and habitats in your garden or local greenspace. 
Jamie Buxton-Gould is the Conservation Officer for the West Country Buzz Project in North Devon which aims to enhance habitats across the area for bumblebees and other pollinators, especially our rare species. Jamie has long been a bumblebee enthusiast, carrying out Beewalks and creating wildflower meadows for them in her previous role as a Park Ranger. She has most recently discovered a new bee species for Devon, the scarce Early Colletes bee at Braunton Burrows! 

Magical insects of Quince Honey Farm
Local photographer Karolina Andreasova has spent several months observing the miniature world of all sorts of tiny life species in Quince Honey Farm’s Nectar Gardens. It is astonishing just how many of them there are! She will share her best macro photographs to date, as well as some amazing facts that she learnt along the way about these fascinating insects… including some thrilling discoveries of vulnerable or endangered species! 

Karolina Andreasova is a local artist and a well-known photographer - and a huge Quince enthusiast! Commissioned in April 2022, she has used her unique art technique (and a microscope!) to create supersized, scientifically accurate paintings depicting four stages of a honeybees' life cycle in it’s cell, which are now part of an educational exhibition at the newest part of Quince Honey Farm - the Hexagon. As part of Karolina’s talk and in celebration of the wildlife around us and our talented local artists, a nature-inspired art exhibition will be on display from Thursday 15th September for one week in the Nectary Restaurant at Quince Honey Farm.

Other information
Doors open at 6:30pm and visitors are welcome to explore the Nectar Gardens from 6:30pm - 7pm 
Talks start at 7pm and finish at 9pm with an interval
£5 per ticket (£4 for Students)
Refreshments, including hot and cold drinks and cake, will be available to purchase from the Nectary Restaurant.
A nature-inspired art exhibition will be on display for this evening talk, from Thursday 15th September and for the following week, in the Nectary Restaurant at Quince Honey Farm.


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