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Adventure Caving in Carlswalk Cave

  • Location Hope Valley
  • Price from £45.00


Booking is exclusively for your group! 
A fantastic cave for the more adventurous family or friends that wish to crawl around getting muddy and wet !!
Minimum age 10yrs old.
The entrance for some is a challenge in itself as you lower yourself down past tree roots, before following a shoulder width passage into the main cave where it widens up. This cave is more physically demanding as you stoop through water up to the knees and mud!! 
Generally exploring one passageway in and back out, its small formations, but with a couple of tighter crawls for those who want further challenge - may get slightly wetter as a result!!

We may explore other cave tunnels at the start of the session along the hillside - a head for heights required!

Why not try canoeing / abseiling or caving??


    What's included

  • Equipment Oversuit, helmet, light, wellys, belt.

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Its 8 degrees underground. Trousers, thermal top, fleece jumper. extra socks for wellys.
  • Drink A drink to share with your group.
  • Other A complete change of clothes including a large towel to get changed with in or by your car. A bin bag for your wet muddy kit!


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Hope Valley