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Learn Scrambling Skills with The Lakes Mountaineer

  • Location Ambleside
  • Price from £180.00


Scrambling or mountaineering is an activity somewhere between walking and rock climbing. Part of a mountain journey, you regularly employ a rope for safety, and you get to some amazing places. This course with The Lakes Mountaineer will introduce you to the skills necessary to go scrambling independently and start exploring these mountain routes.

There are three grades of scramble: Grade 1: Think walking on steep rocks when you need your hands. You'll wear a helmet and harness, but we'll only use a rope for certain sections. Grade 2: You'll need you hands pretty much all the time, and we'll be roped for much of the scramble. Grade 3: As with grade 2, but includes short sections of rock climbing.


We'll begin the day by getting on a short route and looking at what is involved - harnesses and helmets on first, as well as a practice of what we'll do on some easy ground. Then we'll move onto scrambling ground to learn the various skills involved: Using the guidebook; Risk awareness; Movement skills; Equipment; How to select anchors; Body belaying.


    What's included

  • Equipment We will provide helmets and harnesses and all group safety equipment.
  • Other A highly-qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor.

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Bring more than you think you need!
  • Waterproofs Top and trousers.
  • Food We'll be on the move all day, so bring a good lunch and snacks.
  • Drink Thermos for cold days, 1 or 2 litres of water per person on hot days.
  • Other A good pair of walking boots; protective gloves when using the rope (thick gardening gloves are good, especially if they have some padding); hand gel and face masks.


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