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Fitting it all in - Playful Transitions to School Webinar 30/05/24

  • Location San Jose
  • Price from £20.00


Another offering from the series of 'Fitting it all in' webinars, looking at how we make space and time available within our provision for high quality experiences. 

The transition from nursery to school can be a challenging one - for parents, children and teachers. 
In this online session, we will discuss the main challenges we face - how children and adults respond to the change in ratios from nursery to school, making space and time for play, gradually increasing structured time to meet the needs of children, establishing group times for focused teaching. 

Time will be given to exploring solutions, sharing practice and how to plan ahead to ensure best outcomes. We will reflect on Realising the Ambition and other important guidance to ensure we are working towards best practice.


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San Jose