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The Realm of Enchantment - Mystical Witches and Wizards Stay and Play

  • Location Northampton
  • Price from £8.00


Introducing Fairy Emma, the delightful founder of the magical eco-friendly craft company "The Realm of Enchantment"! Through nature-based craft activities and immersive exploration stations, Fairy Emma invites young adventurers to unleash their creativity and connect with the natural world in a magical way. With her boundless energy and sensitivity, Fairy Emma transports children to a world of imagination and eco-friendly fun, inspiring them to dream, create, and explore. Spreading wonder and creativity to children everywhere.   

Join her for whimsical crafts, enchanting nature-based activities, and a sprinkle of fairy dust that will ignite the imagination of children and adults alike. Join Fairy Emma's mission in bringing magic and wonder to the world through sustainable, nature-inspired crafts! 

🌟 Step into the Mystical Realm of Witches and Wizards! 🌟 Are you looking for a magical ( but not spooky) Halloween event? Look no further than our enchanting Witches and Wizards Realm! Here, imagination knows no bounds, and every corner whispers with mystical possibilities. 🧪 Exploration of Potions 🧪 Colourful cauldrons, shimmering elixirs, and mysterious ingredients—our potion-making station is a haven for budding alchemists. Mix dragon tears, moonlight essence, and a dash of stardust to create your very own magical brew. Who knows what wonders it might unleash? 🌟 Create Magic to Take Home 🌟 In the heart of our mystical realm, children can craft their own enchantments. Fill spell bottles with wishes, dreams, and a sprinkle of moonbeams. Fashion eco crafts— friendly ghost decorations, pebble decorating, and colourful bats. 🍂 Seasonal Sensory Play 🍂 Step into the enchanted forest, where leaves crunch underfoot and whispers of ancient trees beckon. Our seasonal sensory play area invites exploration—, feel the crisp breeze, and listen to the rustle of leaves, and feel the smooth conkers. Immerse yourself in autumn’s magic. 🎉 Games and Fancy Dress 🎉 Join fellow apprentices in spirited games of magical tag, wand races, and broomstick limbo. And remember, fancy dress is not just welcome—it’s encouraged! Don your finest robes, pointy hats, and glittering capes. Let your inner sorcerer or sorceress shine. 🌠 Book Your Spellbinding Adventure Today! 🌠 Call now to reserve your spot in this mystical gathering. Our Witches and Wizards Event promises an unforgettable journey into the fantastical. 🌙✨🔮

There are two sessions: 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm. Adults will need to purchase a garden entry ticket for £11. Under 11s visit the gardens for free but will need to pay £8 per child to take part in the class. The class is limited to 15 children and is recommended for children aged 2-11. Adults must stay to accompany their children during the whole session. You would be welcome to explore the grounds between 10am and 4pm on the day. Picnics are welcomed but must be eaten on the picnic benches provided. The cafe and gift shop will be open. Please dress for the weather. In very bad weather, the event will be moved into a barn.


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
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