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Historic Oyster Bay: Adults-Only Sunset Harbor Tour Aboard the Oyster Sloop Christeen

  • Location Oyster Bay
  • Price from $80.00


Looking for a fun and educational activity for couples and friends on Long Island? Embark on a captivating voyage aboard the historic Christeen, a maritime gem that beckons both locals and visitors alike. This isn’t just any cruise—it’s a journey through time, where the salty breeze carries tales of Oyster Bay’s rich past. As you step aboard the Christeen, you’ll be transported to eras long gone. This is a two-hour sail around our picturesque harbor, where every ripple in the water whispers secrets. 

Imagine the Matinecock Indians gliding across these same waters, their canoes slicing through the waves. They revered this bay, drawing sustenance and inspiration from its bounty. Fast-forward to the arrival of European settlers—the pioneers who planted the seeds of a new world. Oyster Bay witnessed their hopes, dreams, and the birth of a community that would shape Long Island’s destiny. The Christeen sails past coves where Revolutionary era patriots plotted, where whispers of liberty echoed across the bay. Feel the spirit of George Washington and his clandestine agents—their courage etched into the very winds that fill our sails. Oyster Bay thrives—a blend of history and modernity. The Christeen, with its weathered timbers and billowing sails, stands as a living relic, inviting you to explore the past while enjoying the present. 

The Christeen departs at 5:00 or 5:30 pm promptly (depending on sunset, your booking will show the actual time). Please arrive 15 minutes early to board a brief shuttle ride to the sloop. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

Important Details:
All cruises begin with a safety talk, and all children under 12 must wear a life jacket at all times (each guest has a life jacket available). 
The ship sails on time, and guests need to arrive 15 minutes early. 
 The Christeen is not wheelchair accessible. 
There is a small restroom on the Christeen in case of emergency need. 
In case of late arrival, please call The WaterFront Center at (516) 922-7245.


    What's included

  • Food Light snacks
  • Drink Light beverages

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing


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