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The Farm CQB - Skirmish Day

  • Location Lincoln
  • Price from £21.00


Standard Skirmish Day

CAPPED EVENT 70 players maximum

You do not need to be a member to attend and our minimum age is 9 years.

A intense day with objectives and challenges.

Hire Equipment: We currently have 30 hire weapons, please add to your booking if a hire is required. Included in the hire package is everything you need to get started: A choice of M4 Gun, A Face Mask, 2 Magazines pre filled with BBs (approx. 950), Chest Webbing

A full copy of the club rules can be found at:

If you have not booked online and had your booking confirmed before the Event Sale Cutoff (14 hours prior to the Event Start) you may NOT be allowed on site.

Prices Summary:
Walk on Fee: £21
Hire Gun Fee: £20 

Game Event Timings:
GATES OPEN - 8.00am
SAFETY BRIEF - 10.00am
START OF PLAY – 10:15/10:30am
LUNCH – 12:30/1:30pm
END OF PLAY – 4:30/5:00pm.

FPS Rules:
WEAPONS The Club limit is set at no more than 1.14Joules (equates to 350 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for ALL Airsoft weapons. RATES OF FIRE 1.SEMI ONLY 2. There is a strict no Trigger Spamming Policy on this site. ONLY EG25 SMOKE PYROS ARE ALLOWED ON SITE. BB emitting Gas Powered Grenades such as the ASG Storm etc are permitted.. All weapons will be chronograph’d at the beginning of the day or at the club’s discretion. If over the limit, that gun will be returned to the safe zone for adjustment or barred from use for the rest of the day. Random checks can and will be made throughout the day.
Personal Equipment: Boots are strongly recommended on this site. It is also advised to wear Strong durable jacket and trousers, Knee Pads, Hat/Helmet and gloves.
Food & Drink: There will Hot food available under the current guidelines, i.e. Approved provider. If no Approved provider is available, then there will not be hot food available. Hot water plus tea and coffee will be available on request. Refreshments are on sale in the shop.
Toilets & Parking: Toilets are available on site. Parking is in the dedicated car park for the site.

1\\. No person may ‘turn up’ on site.
2\\. Players must Pre-Book online and the booking must have been fully accepted and completed prior to the event. Each booking MUST stipulate each player who is attending. The comments box must also stipulate if any are attending but not playing i.e. parent etc. 
Entry to site and movement within the areas outside of the game zone:
1\\. Do not turn up if Covid Positive or if you have been in contact with someone who has without prove of negative result. Persons entering the site may be subject to a non-contact temperature check.
2\\. All vehicles will be parked no less than 1 metre from any other vehicle.
Game Area:
1\\. Players will be instructed on the entry and exit procedures as part of the Site Safety Brief.
Game types. 1. Games will reflect the current Risk and be tailored accordingly.
Payments and Retail:
1\\. Facilities are on site and can take Cash and Card at Combat Zone, though Cash is king as they say!
2\\. All items sold will be sprayed at the players request prior to hand over.
Hire equipment:
1\\. All hire equipment will be sprayed and disinfected prior to issue as per norm.
2\\. Players who hire equipment, will be briefed on return protocols at the end of the day.
1\\. All players will be briefed on what to do in case of emergency that is specific on the Site Safety Brief.
Lincolnshire Airsoft club will ensure the following:
Sanitiser available. (70%).
Toilets to have toilet roll.
Toilet sinks have soap available.
Paper towels for drying hands.
Risk assessments for those wishing to view.

ADDRESS & WHAT3WORDS The Farm CQB, LN4 1AJ ///luck.perfected.templates

With a mix of sheds and courtyards connected by an intricate alleyway system; the converted piggery now known as “The Farm CQB” offers an intense close quarters fighting experience. We take pride in our game variety and the uniquely flexible system of moveable barriers and configurable runways allows almost infinite layout possibilities for the players. Offering a different flow to the games as the day progresses. We also provide a fully enclosed staging area where you can take a moment of rest safely and make use of the on-site tea and coffee making facilities; as well as our on-site toilets. LAC took on this site with the intention of bringing airsofters a truly unique experience and provide enjoyable CQB gameplay in a refreshingly agricultural environment; this is a mission that still drives our decisions today. Unlike many CQB locations designed around the urban environment, The Farm CQB is a site that remains on a single ground level and focuses on chokepoints and fluidity of movement. Because of the inability to utilise high ground or pure stealth, fast paced gameplay can be ground to a halt by a well organised team that have secured a specific location. The opposition will then have to find new routes and remain mobile in order to flank the bunkered in team from an unexpected angle. For new players to the site The Farm will feel like a maze, with all the safety and security of high walls taken away from them. Teamwork is your key to success throughout the day as those who play the “lone wolf” will quickly find that they cannot cover all their angles at once! The unique design of this LAC field also beautifully compliments are desire to ensure ALL players have a fun, but had fought day. Our team of highly trained marshals will be observing as the games progress and will be continuously assessing the performance of the teams throughout the day. The dynamic and modular nature of the structures allows staff to transform the play area for each game, meaning each objective can have a new feel and pacing. As well as this, we strive to not give a natural advantage to a certain team because of static landmarks; meaning that each game is a true test of a player’s skill and teamwork. Although The Farm is an airsoft site, it is important that we at LAC did not lose the essence of the site and the agricultural foundations that we have built upon. Throughout the day you will find relics of its past, with agricultural machinery and paraphernalia scattered around the authentic farm buildings that have been caringly renovated by the staff, owners and greater LAC community.


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