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Halloween Night Belfast Ghost and Paranormal Tour Experience

  • Location Belfast
  • Price from £17.50


Halloween night from duck until dawn the ghosts of the spirit world are soo close you might even feel and see their presence.   This is a special one-off tour that will take you to all the most haunted places in Belfast City Centre and North and West Belfast with the author amd Paranormal investigator Francis Higgins. Walk the haunted streets, hear the bloodcurdling stories and watch as the Francis detects spirits of the departed in the very heart of Belfast City.  October is the Irish festival of Samhain when the spirit world comes so close to our world that sometimes we can peer into their world.  On this night you will travel as close as we dare to that dark hidden world where the ghosts still haunt our world.
Join me on the original Belfast Paranormal Ghost tour which begins at 7pm in Winecellar Entry outside White's Tavern.  Follow me on an expert guided walking tour of the places around and in Belfast City Centre where the ghosts of the past still linger. Using paranormal spirit detecting equipment this unique tour brings the story of Belfast’s bloody past to life through its many ghosts. The tour winds its way around the old streets and entries of the city centre stopping at the numerous points where dark evil deeds were carried out and their spritual essence still lingers on. The tour is guided by the ‘Ghostman’ himself Francis Higgins who has been hunting ghosts in Belfast and beyond for over 10 years. 
A warning to the curious!
What you discover on this tour is not staged or set up, there are no actors, so what we find, we find! Everyone on the tour gets fitted with the latest in Vox Whisper Set technology to allow you to hear the tour commentary without missing a ghost story and you’ll finish-up back at White’s Tavern where you’ll need a stiff drink or two after this dark but fascinating glimpse into Belfast’s people and places. The tour lasts 2 hours and you will be walking for most of that time so sensible shoes and brave hearts are needed along with wet weather clothing as the summer has long past and the dark, dark nights are once again upon us.  Children under the age of 14 are not advised to participate on this tour and as this is a paranormal tour and you can expect the unexpected. You have been warned!


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Waterproofs


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