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The BIG One! - MK2

  • Location North Willingham
  • Price from £21.00


Standard HI-CAP day - This is an Enhanced Skirmish Day

You do not need to be a member to attend and our minimum age is 9 years.

A seriously intense day with objectives and challenges.

Hire Equipment: We currently have 30 hire weapons, please add to your booking if a hire is required. Included in the hire package is everything you need to get started: A choice of M4 Gun, A Face Mask, 2 Magazines pre filled with BBs (approx. 950), Chest Webbing

A full copy of the club rules can be found at:

If you have not booked online and had your booking confirmed before the Event Sale Cutoff (14 hours prior to the Event Start) you may NOT be allowed on site.

Prices Summary:
Walk on Fee: £21
Hire Gun Fee: £20 

Game Event Timings:
GATES OPEN - 8.00am
SAFETY BRIEF - 10.00am
START OF PLAY – 10:15/10:30am
LUNCH – 12:30/1:30pm
END OF PLAY – 4:30/5:00pm.

FPS Rules:
WEAPONS AND PYROS The Club limit is set at no more than 1.14Joules (equates to 350 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for all auto capable Airsoft weapons. The Club limit is set at no more than 2.32Joules (equates to 500 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Minimum engagement range is 35 metres. The Club limit is set at no more than 1.68 Joules (equates to 425 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for all Airsoft Semi-automatic DMR weapons (see club rules for clarification). Minimum engagement range is 25 metres. The Club limit is set at no more than 1.14Joules (equates to 350 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for all Airsoft pistols and shotguns. All weapons will be chronograph’d at the beginning of the day or at the club’s discretion. If over the limit, that gun will be returned to the safe zone for adjustment or barred from use for the rest of the day. Random checks can and will be made throughout the day. Personal Equipment: Boots are strongly recommended on this site. It is also advised to wear Strong durable jacket and trousers, Knee Pads, Hat/Helmet and gloves.
Food & Drink: There will Hot food available under the current guidelines, i.e. Approved provider. If no Approved provider is available, then there will not be hot food available. Hot water plus tea and coffee will be available on request. Refreshments are on sale in the shop.
Toilets & Parking: Toilets are available on site. Parking is in the dedicated car park for the site.

1\\\\. No person may ‘turn up’ on site.
2\\\\. Players must Pre-Book online and the booking must have been fully accepted and completed prior to the event. Each booking MUST stipulate each player who is attending. The comments box must also stipulate if any are attending but not playing i.e. parent etc. 
Entry to site and movement within the areas outside of the game zone:
1\\\\. Do not turn up if Covid Positive or if you have been in contact with someone who has without prove of negative result. Persons entering the site may be subject to a non-contact temperature check.
2\\\\. All vehicles will be parked no less than 1 metre from any other vehicle.
Game Area:
1\\\\. Players will be instructed on the entry and exit procedures as part of the Site Safety Brief.
Game types:
1\\\\. Games will reflect the current Risk and be tailored accordingly.
Payments and Retail:
1\\\\. Facilities are on site and can take Cash and Card, though Cash is king as they say!
2\\\\. All items sold will be sprayed at the players request prior to hand over.
Hire equipment:
1\\\\. All hire equipment will be sprayed and disinfected prior to issue as per norm.
2\\\\. Players who hire equipment, will be briefed on return protocols at the end of the day.
1\\\\. All players will be briefed on what to do in case of emergency that is specific on the Site Safety Brief.
1\\\\. Insurance waivers, if required, to be filled out in confines of your car.
2\\\\. Track and trace paperwork, if required, to be filled out in the confines of your car.
3\\\\. Fire muster sheet, now a tick sheet controlled by Safe Zone Staff.
Lincolnshire Airsoft club will ensure the following:
Sanitiser available. (70%).
Toilets to have toilet roll.
Toilet sinks have soap available.
Paper towels for drying hands.
Risk assessments for those wishing to view.

WHAT3WORDS ///potential.bossy.mammals

LAC 2021 introduces airsoft to the rolling hills and densely populated woods of the Lincolnshire wolds, where even experienced players can feel alone with nothing to see for miles. This site is demanding not only because of the steep inclines and thick vegetation but is also mentally demanding and forces players to meticulously plan each engagement; The Big One is not for the faint of heart! Everywhere you look there are surprises and potential threats to discover and because of the hidden outposts and strategic forest clearings, you never know what (or who) could be around the next corner. For any player who wishes to come play here, we stress the importance of preparation and forethought. The Big One is not named as such lightly, and as well as the supportive footwear and protective gear we recommend, we also strongly advise that players also carry water as well as their plentiful supply of ammunition; in order to keep both you and your gear at peak performance throughout the day. With an easily accessible safe zone from the main road, players will come into a well mown well laid out area to park and setup. There are toilet facilities and mobile traders that attend, offering a miniature market style atmosphere at peak times, with players often bringing camp chairs and picnics to make the most of the opportunity. Although the safe zone is a pleasant and relaxing environment, once the day begins you will find a world of intense engagements awaits. With new structures constantly being built, added to and modified coupled with being almost no flat ground on site and a series of thick vegetation surrounding multiple woods, you must always remain alert to spot your enemy and avoid an unsuspecting ambush. Standard airsoft tactics are put to the test and players will have to rely on each other to make it past the multitude of encounters they will face throughout the day. Those who wear ghillie suits and other camouflage systems will be highly rewarded for their stealth and their dreams of crossing whole engagements unnoticed can become a reality. A team of snipers can turn the tide of a battle, but make sure you’re not spotted; because there’s nowhere to run if you are! The Big One is a physically demanding site that also favours the more experienced player. With a feeling that the only support you have is those around you, teamwork and communication is vital if you want to ensure success in this wild, overgrown expanse.


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North Willingham