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  • Location Cheltenham
  • Price from £7.00


ROLLER REVOLUTION comes to Cheltenham every Friday evening, with not one, but TWO Roller Disco sessions! First-timers and experienced skaters are welcome. We hope you have a fun experience during our sessions - it's all about a friendly atmosphere and enjoyment for all, so let the good times roll!

Family session 18:45 - 20:00 - the lights stay on with disco lights for added effect! 

Main event 20:15 - 21:30 -  the hall lights go down for the full on disco vibe!
Health and Safety Disclaimer Notice to skaters set out below 
Roller Skating can be dangerous. ENTER AT YOUR OUR RISK! 
 Please read carefully:
 By entering YOU acknowledge you have read and understood both the health and safety notice and rules of attendance and therefore waiver all your rights to pursue any form of a claim of compensation against Roller Revolution. 
 Roller Revolution, through using the ongoing risk assessment, will continue to make changes to reduce the risk of accidents where possible. 
 All customers entering the venue/events and/or rink/skating area enter at their own risk! 
 Appropriate risk assessments of the venues have been carried out and venues have been determined fit for purpose. The owner/manager of Roller Revolution shall NOT be liable to customers or third parties for injuries and/or death caused by attending our events. 
 Skates/wrist guards/elbow and knee pads supplied and/or hired by the customers for the use of skating, will be checked and maintained on a regular basis. 
 Roller Revolution shall NOT, under any circumstances, be liable to customers or any third parties, for any loss or damage to their own property.
 Pre-Existing Medical conditions – Roller Revolution accept no liability for customers or third parties who attend their venues/events if they have a medical condition that could be aggravated or medically advised against.
 First aid provided by venues but supported by our team if necessary.
 No drugs or alcohol to be consumed on or before attending the events/venues or this could result in you being declined entry.  If you are or suspect you could be pregnant you should NOT skate
Rules of participation
 Our staff/volunteers and customers have the right to attend our events free from any form off verbal or physical abuse. Please always remain respectful or this may result in you being asked to leave
 Please ensure you maintain your own equipment.
 Using protective equipment is advised as this can help reduce the risk of serious injuries.
 Skate in an anti-clockwise direction, unless otherwise instructed by the skate marshals/DJ
 Skaters must NOT skate in the opposite direction or against the flow of traffic
 Skaters must NOT perform sudden stops while in the main flow of traffic
 Skaters must NOT cut across the rink
 Do NOT skate with children in your arms
 Socks must be worn when wearing hire skates
 No spectators are allowed on the skating rink, unless you are supporting a novice skater otherwise, please use the viewing areas provided
 Heed all warnings issued by our staff regarding speed and safety rules
 Skates are prohibited in the corridors/toilets/outside, irrespective if they are your own or hired skates.
 NO FOOD or DRINKS to be taken on to the skating rink.
Most importantly, please enjoy yourselves and let the good times roll!
Team Roller Revolution


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