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1 Day Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course

  • Location Torquay
  • Price from £85.00


An Introduction to Sea Kayaking, Sit-In Sea Kayak 
Learn how to Sea Kayak in our introductory course, that empowers beginners to take their kayaking to the next level! If you have never been in a Sit- In Sea Kayak before then this is the course for you. 

We will train you on land and sea, assisting you with balancing and gaining your water confidence. 

What the Course Involves 
The introduction course covers the holistic nature and environment of Sea Kayaking for a beginner or someone who has hired a sit-on top kayak from a beach and looking to start a new career in paddling in Sit-in Sea Kayaks. 

The course breakdown: 
*launching, landing and carrying your boat 
*efficient forwards paddling,

*reversing,turning and stopping
*maneuvering in tight spaces

*ruddering and steering through tight gaps
*moving sideways 
*clothing and accessories

*setting up your boat, trimming and accessories
*observing marine wildlife and understanding marine wildlife behaviour 
*paddle sport etiquette on the water

*a short journey to consolidate what you have learnt


Not-provided Accommodation

There is a good range of accommodation in the area and within walking distance to at least one of the launches, however, currently we do not provide this within the course package.
Please contact should you like some local information on the location you wish to stay.

    What's included

  • Equipment All equipment is provided as well as boats and paddles.

    What you'll need

  • Food Lunch and snacks, we may catch something if we fish
  • Drink At least 1 liter of water each
  • Other Wear beach clothes if it is over 15 degrees and low winds. If it is under then bring casual layers to go under our semi-dry trousers and jackets. There is a large drysuit that can be borrowed for any wet stuff. However, we do not provide wetsuits. It is so warm in the summer you would be happy for a dip!
    Please feel free to bring your own boat, blades or any technical clothing or equipment.
  • Waterproofs If you own a weetuit you may wish to bring it or wear beach clothes in the summer or light layers to go under our waterproof jackets and bring waterproof trousers or gym leggings.


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