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The Underground Adventurer Extreme - Cornwall's Ultimate Adventure Experience

  • Location St Just in Penwith
  • Price from £95.00


We feel that our Underground Adventurer Extreme is Cornwall’s ultimate adventure experience. This is a full day of mine exploration, aimed at those who are looking for a truly unique and challenging experience that will push their boundaries and put them well outside of their comfort zone. This fantastic trip allows people with no previous experience the opportunity to access and explore the deep mine workings of abandoned Cornish tin mines that are normally the preserve of experienced cavers and mine explorers. 

In the first half of the day, you will take on the Underground Adventurer, and incredible trip in its own write. Using only caving techniques, this is authentic exploration, with no frills or fixed lighting. To successfully travel through this mine we have to cross many deep mine shafts and climb up, down and across the bottomless chasms that the Cornish miners of old excavated over hundreds of years. Don't worry, we are always attached to ropes for safety, but a head for heights is a must, as none of these obstacles can be avoided. We use via ferrata-like installations and even abseiling to move between the levels. 

The second half of the day sees us descending even deeper underground, to reach another long-abandoned tin mine. After abseiling down the mine’s main shaft, we have to traverse narrow tunnels and cross several chasms to reach the next abseil, that takes us down to the deep level of this mine. From here, we have access to miles of workings that we can explore. Finally, we have to climb our way back up the walls of the mine before a final caving ladder climb brings us to the exit. 


This experience starts with completing the Underground Adventure trip in the morning. No mean feat in itself, after the Underground Adventurer we’ll break for lunch, either by the sea in the beautiful coastal setting of Porth Nanven, near St. Just in west Cornwall. After lunch we head back underground, this time into a different mine. After some abseil practice, gained from the morning, you’re now ready to take on the two successive abseils required to reach the deepest levels of the huge, abandoned tin mine that we will be exploring. We’ll take some time to explore the extensive network of workings that comprise this mine, with its innumerable tunnels, full of handiwork and artefacts left by the miners of old. The trip culminates in climbing back up the chasms towards the exit, before a final caving ladder climb to reach daylight and the conclusion of a truly epic day of mine exploration.

As well as providing a bucket-load of adrenalin, this trip gives a fascinating insight to the lives and working conditions of the Cornish miners back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their world really has to be seen to be believed. As well as being fully qualified cave and mine leaders, your instructors are also passionate about Cornish mining heritage and history. So, rest assured that you will get to learn a great deal about what went on 'below grass' in Cornwall throughout its rich mining history. 

The minimum age for this trip is 18. A good level of fitness is required to complete this full-day experience. Similarly to the Underground Adventurer, a head for heights is a must. From the outset, there are deep shafts and chasms to cross, and they cannot be avoided. Please see our video of the Underground Adventurer on Youtube to check that this trip is for you. If you are unsure, please give us a call so that we can have a chat about it. If you are looking for something a little less challenging, then please see our Underground Adventurer or Underground Explorer trips.


    What's included

  • Equipment Caving Suits, Caving Helmets & Head Torches 🔦 Harnesses 🧗

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Some old clothes to wear under the caving suit. There is a chance of getting them slightly wet or muddy, so don't bring your Sunday best! We suggest bringing a range of layering options, as well as maybe a second set for the afternoon section of the trip.
  • Food You need to bring your own lunch, and we recommend additional food and drink to last you throughout the day.
  • Other Please bring wellies or other suitable boots for the activity. If you need to borrow ours, let us know your shoe sizes.


  • Flexible Policy


St Just in Penwith