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BC Open water navigation and tidal planning - 1 day

  • Location Haverfordwest
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Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning 
Is this for you?

Do you wish to develop your planning and decision making? 
Would you like to be able to plan an offshore trip including; open crossings, strong tidal flows (greater than 3 knots), stretches of coastline that are remote and hard to land on in poor visibility.
Do you know where to gather relevant information from and subsequently how to construct a reliable trip plan? 
Are you seeking your British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader award OR wishing to undertake a journey along a coastal or Advanced (offshore, crossings and tidal flow greater than 3 knots) environment? 
Anyone wishing to undertake challenging journeys on the sea using a kayak would find the technical and theoretical aspects not only useful, but essential for safe travel in the marine environment! For more details see Open Water Navigation and Tidal Planning 
What is covered? 
This is a one day, classroom-based course. Specifically designed for paddlers wanting to carry out ‘advanced journeys’ including; off shore islands with open crossings greater than 2 nautical miles in areas of tidal movement above 3 knots and winds of Beaufort Force 5 or more. This course will provide you with the building blocks for a reflective, flexible and dynamic decision making process. In addition this course will allow you to develop your situational awareness whilst journeying around our unique coastline. 
We will cover
You will develop an understanding of interpreting charts and pilots
• You will explore and practice different ways to access tidal stream information;
• The tutors will support you in planning more complex trips; 
• You will develop techniques in calculating vectors and negotiate open crossings; 
• Our tutors will share with you top tips in navigating in poor visibility; 
• You will know how to obtain and understand a variety of weather forecasts and what this means to us as sea kayakers. 
• We will explore in more depth environmental factors that can affect us. 
• You will learn about swell generation, wind and current predictions including complex flows in turbulent areas and how these factors combine to increase or decrease conditions. 
You must have previously done your coastal navigation and tidal planning or have the relevant knowledge. A packed lunch and any other snacks you require for the day.


    What's included

  • Other We will provide… All charts, maps and equipment you need for the day. You will have the opportunity to use chart plotters, diagonal rulers, compasses and dividers.

    What you'll need

  • Other You will need to bring along… A method for note taking. An open mind and thirst for understanding the dynamics of this amazing environment and the factors that affect us when travelling on it.


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