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Belfast Black Taxi Mural and Peacewalls Tour

  • Location Belfast
  • Price from £45.00


Belfast has been a place of sectarian division for over 250 years with Catholics and Protestants living segregated lives until adult life. Even today huge Peacewalls separate Protestant areas from Catholic areas with access restricted after dark by controlled security gates. My tour takes you to the walls and also the murals that now adorn the walls and other sites of memory and give you an unique insight into why they were built and painted in the first place and why they are still needed today. My Uncle agreed the location of the walls as directed by my grandmother so I can offer the lived history of someone who seen the 'Troubles' happen around him as a boy and who grew up on a Peacewall narrowly escaping death by gunfire and bomb on a number of occasions. This tour have featured on the Irish Republic's main broadcasting channel (RTE) as an insiders view of the Walls and Troubles yet the tour ends with an unexpected twist and a real hope for the future. The tour has always drawn 5 star reviews


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