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SSI Deep Diving Scuba Course

  • Location Plymouth
  • Price from £351.00


Diving deeper can mean exploring more exciting and pristine dive sites, but it can also mean greater risks to safety.

This course is a must for those looking to extend their diving options and will leave divers with the ability to confidently plan and dive to depths of 18 to 40 metres whilst staying safe.

The SSI Deep Diving certification includes theory (both online and in-person) and three open water dives.

Topics covered include:
– surface support
– specialist equipment & its use
– depth limits & depth planning
– gas calculations & air consumption checks
– descent & ascent procedures
– repetition diving
– deep diving specific hazards and injuries
– buoyancy at depth

Course Prerequisites:
– SSI Open Water Diver certificate
– Medical history form
– Minimum age 15 years old
– If in wetsuit 7 dives since qualification
– If in drysuit 15 dives since qualification
– Must be able to hold a stop at 6m safely (Perfect Buoyancy certificate highly recommended)

If you don't see the course dates that you'd like, or wish to request a different course, we're always happy to help!

Please note prices are non-refundable if cancelled within 24hours of event.


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Other Towel, swim suit/shorts/bikini, face mask, hand sanitiser.


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