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Alpaca-Assisted Intervention for Self-Esteem and Mental Health

  • Location Warminster
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Title: Alpaca-Assisted Intervention for Self-Esteem and Mental Health Duration: 2 hours 

Activity 1: Handling Training (60 minutes) Introduction to alpacas and their gentle nature Demonstration and practice of alpaca handling techniques Tasks such as grooming, leading, and feeding the alpacas to build self-esteem and confidence Communication and teamwork exercises to develop social skills Mindful breathing exercises to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety

Activity 2: Obstacle Course or Mindfulness Activity with Alpacas (60 minutes) 
Option A: Obstacle course designed to include challenges that require collaboration with alpacas Participants will navigate the course while leading an alpaca and engaging in problem-solving and communication exercises Emphasis on building coping mechanisms and developing emotional regulation skills. 
Option B: Mindfulness activities with alpacas to reduce stress and promote emotional well-being Focus on the present moment through observation of the alpacas' behaviours and movements Mindful breathing and body awareness exercises to enhance emotional regulation and build resilience Strengthening of family bonds through shared experience 

Conclusion: Participants will gain a greater understanding of how working with alpacas can promote self-esteem, social skills, emotional regulation, and overall mental health. The workshop will provide a unique and engaging way to support families in developing positive coping mechanisms and self-management skills.


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