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Alpaca-Assisted Alternative Provision - School Visits (Mobile Service, 1 hour)

  • Location Warminster
  • Price from £90.00


We are thrilled to offer our unique, on-the-go Alpaca-Assisted Alternative Provision, tailored to support young people facing challenges in social, emotional, and mental health. Our licensed herd of male alpacas will be brought directly to your school, along with all necessary equipment to ensure a safe and therapeutic experience. This 1-hour session aims to empower participants to develop self-esteem, social skills, and emotional well-being.

Important Note: We require a pre-visit to your school for an assessment and risk evaluation. To accommodate this, we ask for a minimum of two weeks' notice. Travel to and from our base to your school will be charged at .45ppm. The programme is designed for groups of up to 6 participants per session.

Activity 1: Handling Training (30 minutes)
Introduction to Alpacas: Your pupils will be welcomed and introduced to the world of alpacas and their calming nature.
Demonstration and Practice: Trained facilitators will guide the students in alpaca handling techniques including leading, grooming, and feeding. 
Social Skills Development: The session includes exercises to nurture effective communication and teamwork among students.
Mindful Breathing: Wind down the activity with breathing techniques that promote relaxation and diminish anxiety.

Activity 2: Obstacle Course with Alpacas (30 minutes)
Obstacle Course
Collaborative Challenges: Navigate an exciting obstacle course, building teamwork between students and alpacas.
Problem-Solving and Communication: Skill-building through fun challenges and effective communication exercises.
Emotional Regulation: Emphasis on activities that encourage coping mechanisms and emotional balance.

This session will leave participants with a deeper understanding of how working with alpacas can uplift their self-esteem, social competencies, emotional regulation, and overall mental health. It offers a unique and active way for schools and families to instil positive coping mechanisms and self-management skills in their young ones.


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  • Warm Clothing Appropriate clothing and footwear for handling alpacas


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