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The BIG One! - TACEVAL 8

  • Location North Willingham
  • Price from £51.00


So this is it.

200 Acres in use. rolling hills, valleys, woodlands, grasslands and pastures.
There will be a maximum of 30 TEAMS.
Each team consisting of maximum 4 players only.
You have an area you can move around in,
Players may ONLY carry with them supplies as laid down in a kit list,
you can carry less if you choose, but not more.
The supplies carried by each player are personal to them and cannot be removed or taken by another player 

£104 per team deposit (this is non returnable, so be sure you want to go.
and then £100 per team to be paid on the day. this equates to £51 per person.
So to clarify, per person. £26 deposit and £25 on the day.
if the event is cancelled for any reason then all deposits are returned of course


Each team have a variety of Tasks and Objectives to be carried out, any objective marked with a LAC identifier can be stolen from any other team on the game area. (If you can find them).
Each player starts with a set of Hours,
Each Objective is worth a Time.
If a player wants to leave the play area to go to loo, have a kip etc it will cost, the requisite amount of Time
Each player/pair will need a means of one way communication and they will receive updates as to where supply drops will occur.
Supplies range from a packet of biscuits to an Weapon to Ammunition to flask of coffee etc.
Minimum age 14.
Once a deposit has been paid then you will be invited to the new TacEval State of mind facebook page where there are files, briefs and of course the chance to chat.
You must have a team no larger than 4. Use the LAC Community facebook page and others to get your team together.

TacEval...A state of mind.


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Waterproofs
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Camping Equipment


  • Flexible Policy


North Willingham