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Stand Up Paddle / Trail Running Adventure Day (18+ or 16+ if with adult)

  • Location Norfolk
  • Price from £95.00
  • Multi-activity
  • Paddleboarding
  • Tours
  • Mindful escape
  • Learn new skills
  • Microadventure


Water & Sand - What’s not to like!
This is a true, full on and totally fun day out taking on water, trails and sand, all either on stand up paddle boards or your own two feet - the whole day will be totally powered by you and only natural engines allowed..! 

The day starts with coffee (of course) and then the boards - a quick reminder of how they work and safety briefings, we’ll head out for a ‘get to know’ya’ paddle so we can all find our feet before heading back for a quick snack, grabbing running kit before heading out again in search of sand and sea!

In search of the beach!

After a paddle up river, we’ll alight from the boards and swap paddles for running shoes where we’ll start our running journey in search of the beach. Norfolk is blessed with some of the most stunning beaches in the country, and one of the best ways to see them is on foot and the plethora of cross country trails will show you the way. The run will be manageable for most regular runners, as there will be plenty of stops to catch your breath, take in the stunning scenery and spot the wildlife. If you’re worried about being left behind then no need - our motto is no one gets left behind.

A bit of ‘Power-up’ before heading home.

All of this excitement of paddling and running obviously comes at an energy cost and you’ll no doubt now be getting as little on the peckish side. This is where we break off from the activities, sit down by the beach or the river and get some sustenance back into the system by having a quick spot of lunch. NOA have partnered with Firepot foods, which are truly tasty and 100% British activity foods which will be prepared for you to enjoy before the paddle back which will bring you to the end of your day.

Who’s this adventure for?

This activity is aimed at anyone who has previously paddled SUP and who is a regular, social runner - so think social paddles or a Parkrun on a Saturday. The pace for SUP will be around 2.5mph and running no more than 10/11 min miles with plenty of breaks, so a nice leisurely speed and ideal for soaking up the beauty of the environment and catching good glimpses of nature with no one getting left behind.

National Park Experiences is a curated collection that brings the stories of our National Parks to life. Each experience offers an authentic insight into the landscape and special qualities of a National Park.

This adventure is perfect for individuals and small groups, and can be tailored for:

  • Charity fundraising
  • Corporates
  • Families
  • Hen / Stag parties
  • School groups

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    What's included

  • Food Food for Lunch/Dinner (All Veggie)
  • Drink Water
  • Equipment Board, Paddle, Safety Leash, Bouyancy Aid, Drybags

    What you'll need

  • Food Special/Personal Snacks
  • Drink Special/Personal Drinks
  • Other Running Shoes, Running & Paddling Clothing


Custom Policy


Here at Norfolk Outdoor Adventures we understand that sometimes the weather can turn against us and also that life changes and can occasionally get in the way of us having a good time! Therefore we thought it fair to clearly advise you as to what our policy is on cancellations - wether it’s due to canceling/postponing activities and experiences due to circumstances beyond our control or from a cancellation of a booking directly from the participant. 

Cancellation due to inclement weather

 All lessons, activities, experiences and coaching are subject to weather conditions and the availability of instructors/guides and maybe be cancelled or postponed at short notice. Please be aware that in the case of beginner/novice SUP activities the maximum wind speed that a SUP activity will be allowed to take place is 14/15 mph (or 12/13 knots), above this level then the beginner/novice will quite simply not be able to cope or indeed learn anything and therefore as a result the session will be cancelled. Should this be the case then you will be notified as soon as possible (certainly by the evening before) and sent a Credit Voucher which will enable you to re-book for any of our sessions or activities in the future which will be valid for 1 calendar year from the date of booking.

Participant Cancellation

Participant cancellations can within a 7 day cooling off period of the date of the booked event, are able to cancel their booking subject to 25% administrative fee. Any cancellations by the participant(s) within 24 hours of the planned activity cannot be refunded. This can only be applied to original bookings only and is not applicable to any vouchers or credits which arose from the original booking. 

Minimum Pre-Booked Participation Requirements

As you can understand it takes quite a lot of organisation and planning to run our group activities successfully, therefore we will only run our pre-bookable group activities if we have received the minimum booking numbers to make the activity work on the day. Please see what these minimums are by looking at the individual activities we offer as they will differ from one to the other. Should the activity look like it will not take place due to insufficient bookings, you will be notified of it’s cancelation as soon as possible (5pm night before at the latest) and as we don't want you to miss out - a gift voucher will be sent you to enabling you to re-book for any of our activities, course, craft hire or coaching in the future and will be valid for 1 calendar year from the date of booking.

Natural Disasters

No refunds will be offered if cancellation is due to an unforeseeable natural disaster (Force Majour) or ‘events outside our reasonable control’. We will of course honour your booking going forward and will offer you a unique credit voucher which will enable you to re-book for any of our activities, course, craft hire or coaching in the future which will be valid for 1 calendar year from the date of booking..

COVID-19 Coronavirus:

Specifically, in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever without limitation arising from the contracting of COVID-19 Coronavirus whilst engaging in any of our activities and/or sessions and by agreeing to this you thereby release and discharge us from any claims and liabilities against us due to any COVID-19 Coronavirus circumstance which might occur. 

We will of course honour your booking going forward and will offer you a unique credit voucher which will enable you to re-book for any of our activities, course, craft hire or coaching in the future and will be set with no end date.


We’re following all government guidelines and have been actively involved in scoping out industry best practice in partnership with key outdoor industry bodies and specialists. Once confirmed, we’ll complete all necessary assessments and certification to validate our policies. 


We’ll share as much information as possible to provide assurance and transparency.
We’ll update our booking communications to provide additional information relating to health and hygiene. 

Where possible we will try and get as many sessions pre-booked in advance and will encourage and promote this through our communication channels.

New signage and focus points will be added at our location to promote hygiene and social distancing.


A new risk-based approach to cleaning will be implemented and all team members will be trained accordingly. Hand sanitiser will be available at check in areas including check in areas. We welcome and encourage customer use of this prior to touching kit or browsing any shop items. 


We will maximise our outdoor areas to create more space for clients. We’ll also promote a ‘one way’ client flow through to the hire desk/checking in area at the beach to maintain social distancing and to limit the number of people queuing at any one time. 


We’ll adhere to restrictions relating to instructor/pupil ratios for season 2021. We will adhere to government and industry guidelines to ensure we are following best practice. 


We will take all the necessary steps to ensure that we deliver our sessions abiding to social distancing rules. We will ensure that kit is properly sanitised and safe to use. 


Our Waterside unit will be off limits to our clients and is only to be accessed by our staff at this time. We will have a contact tracing system in place Card payment facilities will be available and will be preferred method of payment although we will accept cash.




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Norfolk Outdoor Adventures is the experience provider for Stand Up Paddle / Trail Running Adventure Day (18+ or 16+ if with adult)

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