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The Blue John Stone Experience at Treak Cliff Cavern (Half Day/3 hours)

  • Location Derbyshire
  • Price from £95.00


This Experience gives you the opportunity to work with our craftsmen and gives you a 'hands on' unique experience of Blue John Stone, not available anywhere else. (Suitable mainly for Adults, under 18yrs tickets are available, but MUST be booked with at least one Adult ticket to accompany them)  This is the only place in the world where you will be allowed to explore in the mines and work with specialist Blue John craftsmen. You will get suited and booted and expect to get muddy, as we take you underground to prospect for your very own piece of Blue John mineral. Once you have discovered your piece we will take you into the workshop, where our Craftsmen will help you clean and assess what you have found. You will then have the choice to turn your chunk of Blue John into a polished or natural specimen to take home. Included in the Experience is the Self guided Audio Tour of Treak Cliff Cavern on your own smartphone. In November and December this has a seasonal Christmas twist. With an App previously downloaded onto your Smart phone, you follow a marked route through the cavern, with the information delivered to your phone via Blue tooth beacons as you move along. Entry times and online booking limit slots to your group only, so you effectively have a private tour. enabling you to focus on the stunning cave and the audio tour, and the Christmas lights and themes (Nov and Dec). The walking tour lasts around 1 hour and you can stop, take photographs and gaze at the rocks around you !! You will see the Underground Wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites, rocks, minerals and fossils, and our beautiful unique Blue John Stone!
Be aware we are on a steep hillside so there is no wheelchair access to or inside the Cavern, and some areas underground are low and narrow. We look forward to welcoming you!


Arrive at the Cavern buildings for 10.30 am to be greeted by your host for the day who will show you the museum and workshops. Our friendly staff will help you decide in which order to do the various elements of your Experience: prospecting in the mining areas for your Blue John Stone; taking the Audio Tour, washing and sorting your finds from prospecting; workshop time with the craftsmen to create your polished Blue John Stone. Before you arrive, please download the Situate app from the App store, so you can read about Treak Cliff Cavern in advance of your visit if you want to. REMEMBER you may want to bring a portable power bank, headphones or Bluetooth earpiece to use with your smartphone or tablet when you come to visit. We look forward to welcoming you !!
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    What's included

  • Equipment Workshop equipment and tools, Blue John Stone, overalls, gloves, head torch, goggles
  • Other Self-guided audio tour (using your own Smart phone)

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing The temperature inside the Cavern is a constant 11 degrees Centigrade, which can feel very cold, or occasionally less cold compared with the outside seasonal temperature !!!
  • Waterproofs Water drips from the cavern ceilings all the time, but you should dress for the weather conditions at the time of your visit, because the Entrance is on a steep exposed hillside, 10 minutes climb from the car park. We provide overalls, but you may wish to bring a change of trousers and shoes/boots as the mining areas are muddy.
  • Food Packed lunch
  • Drink Hot and cold drinks may be available if the cafe is open, but do bring your own.
  • Other Suitable footwear, boots or wellingtons, Your smartphone or tablet fully charged ready to download our App for the audio tour if you haven't already downloaded it. You may want to bring a portable power bank, headphones or Blue tooth earpiece


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