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Kelburn’s Haunted Forest: Asylum

  • Location Largs
  • Price from £15.00


Kelburn's Haunted Forest, the most famous scare-fest in Scotland, returns with Asylum! Are you ready to live your best life, are you ready to be your best self? Boyle Pharmaceuticals are launching their new pan-psychological cure HOPE, a genius invention that will allow you to be all that you ever wanted to be! This drug has been rigorously tested using specially selected volunteers from HM Prison Service who were once deemed incurable, and the results are remarkable. You are now cordially invited to book your ticket to come to Asylum and witness firsthand the transformational power of HOPE. Should you be unable to leave the Asylum though, you may find that HOPE is your only cure! Are you brave enough? Are you sane enough? 

Experience true horror at Kelburn's Haunted Forest event! As the sun sets, the Pavilion transforms into the gateway of fear, welcoming guests to embark on an hour-long scare adventure. Wind your way through the eerie woods, where each step unravels a chilling tale. The journey culminates at the ancient Courtyard, a seemingly innocent facade harbouring its own nightmare secrets. With a perfect blend of terror and fright, Kelburn's Haunted Forest guarantees an unforgettable evening for all brave souls who dare to venture in.

Asylum contains graphic violence, offensive language, gore, jump scares, flashing lights, vapours, sudden noises and content that some participants may find extremely upsetting and may trigger a negative, unwanted response. Asylum also includes references to mental health conditions, medications, and medical diagnoses. 

  • Onsite parking £5 payable on arrival card or cash

Please Read Prior to Booking
  • Suitable for adults only. 
  • It is your choice to bring children and any under 18s MUST be accompanied by an adult aged 18+. No refunds will be offered for those choosing not to enter the Asylum. 
  •  No dogs allowed. 
  • Asylum is a shared experience - there will be groups of around 10-12 experiencing the event simultaneously. 
  •  Please wear warm clothes, outdoor appropriate footwear, and waterproofs if necessary. We discourage umbrellas. 
  •  Please arrive in advance of your time slot. 
  • Bar and hot food and drinks will be available on site.  Asylum takes place using the Kelburn Estate. Be advised that there are dark and uneven paths.  Kelburn reserves the right to refuse entry without explanation. 
  • Kelburn reserves the right to remove anyone from the performance without explanation. 
  • Kelburn reserves the right to adapt / amend the performance if required. 
  • Kelburn accepts no responsibility for any damage to property sustained whilst participating in the event. 
  • Stewards will be part of the event and can assist a visitor wishing to leave. 
  • Asylum is a work of fiction and no reference to any person living or dead is intended.


    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Waterproofs To suit weather conditions
  • Other
    • Outdoor appropriate footwear


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