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#tentman & 2019 London Marathon

#tentman. One Man. One Marathon. But with a twist. He’ll be rocking a tent, with nothing but his head (for oxygen) and legs poking out (for running, obviously!).
Seem like a bloody stupid idea? It probably is.

#tentman will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the ‘Fastest Marathon in a Tent’
(pending approval from the officiandos at GWR).

Along the way, #tentman will be running across major cities across the UK. We’ll announce exactly where and when soon, but in the meantime, we don’t think a self-propelled tent running through your local park will be too hard to miss.

So why a tent?
Why a marathon?
Why The Outward Bound Trust?


75% of UK children spend less time outside than prison inmates

The world has changed. Parks, pools and recreational spaces are losing out to screen time as tablets and mobiles become the new window to the world.

The mental and physical health implications are well documented; with increasing levels of obesity indicative of a generation turning to online environments for their social interactions and development. Something has to give in order to proactively, rather than reactively, help young people discover the amazing benefits of getting away from their screens to explore the amazing country that we call home.


Supporting The Outward Bound Trust

With #tentman, we’re raising awareness & funds to support The Outward Bound Trust. This awesome organisation provide critical outdoor courses for young adults that empower and build confidence, whilst encouraging self-belief and a positive mental attitude. These courses tackle longer term issues at the source and help to promote healthy, happy lifestyles.

To quote the legends themselves, the Outward Bound Trust helps young people to “conquer mountains, both physically and mentally”


Who is #tentman?

#tentman is Oscar White, founder of, the adventure marketplace helping more people get outdoors and active by connecting them with qualified guides.

Oscar is a passionate adventurer on a mission to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing, balance and physical health.

He is also a Great Britain Age Group athlete competing in Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run), an Ironman & an Ultra Marathon Runner.

Oscar also bloody loves tents and...
a) Figured there is nothing more synonymous with the outdoors
b) Couldn’t think of anything more awkward to run in Next

#tentman, seeks help from...

Running clubs across the UK so that #tentman can get support for his country-wide running tour

Tent manufacturers so that #tentman can run in a tent that’s so strong it can (literally) go the distance (approx. 100 miles total)

Clothing brands so that #tentman can look and feel good whilst racking up the miles across the country (and if front of the cameras on London Marathon day!)

Nutrition brands to fuel his incredible journey from start to finish Next

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