Questions relating to what Beyonk can see & the access levels

It is the case of whatever is in that stripe would be visible to Beyonk should we build a new API request to view such data, but what happens outside of Beyonk is not of interest, we work with hundreds of businesses and it's not something we have built the capability to view and its confidential and the ability to view or amend transactions with in Beyonk is limited to just 2 Beyonk directors the CEO and CTO.

If you have concerns with what Beyonk can view, you can connect a new stripe account that has no other data in other than your transactions with Beyonk.

There is more information on what booking systems like Beyonk are able to see when you connect your stripe account here:

Connecting your Stripe account from other third-parties.

There are 2 main types of accounts with Stripe. Express Stripe account or a Standard Stripe Account.

If you already have a Stripe Standard account, you will be able to link this up to Beyonk. You should know if you have a standard Stripe account as you'll be able to log into a seperate Stripe dashboard and see reports that look like this.

Stripe Standard accounts provide a great number of benefits on viewing reports, managing staff access and more, read more here:

An express account can sometimes be used which means you don't have a Stripe dashboard and all the rich reporting and functionality that provides. If your previous booking system has enabled you to connect with a Stripe Express account (e.g. Fareharbour) - this type of account provides a 'lite' Stripe account which limits your use of their service and the ability to use the same account elsewhere. In order to work with Beyonk, you'll need to set up a new Standard Stripe account as express accounts cannot be used across multiple third-party apps.

If you have negotiated rates or terms that you want carrying over you can contact Stripe Support on their real-time chat here:

Any other questions? Drop us an email, or message us on the real-time chat and we'll get back as soon as possible.

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