Pending bookings allows customers to request to book with you. They select a time, tickets, add-ons and fill in any questions you may have asked at checkout and then enter their card details, to preauthorise the payment. If you accept the payment, funds are sent to you directly, minus Beyonk and Stripe fees. You can also decline it, or speak to them to offer an alternate date.


  • Locks in your customer commitment and reduces the sales leakage of people seeking to book instantly and going elsewhere
  • Gives you the flexibility to check your availability
  • Automatically takes payment and updates your calendar on Beyonk and notifies customers you've accepted their booking

How and where to use it?

Instant booking is preferential for customers as there is a greater demand for instant confirmation. But pending bookings is the next best alternative if you cannot offer instant booking. Use pending bookings if you:

  • Need to check availability of staff or resources
  • Have multiple experiences and if one gets booked, the others become unavailable. With pending bookings, all your experiences remain available for booking requests, which means you still gather interest and capture customer commitment. You can then get on the phone to them to try and get them on your other experience, or reschedule to a time that suits you both.
  • Want to check the client is suitable for expeditions (try adding checkout questions too, so you can understand the level of the customer's prior experience, expertise or health before deciding whether they're suitable to join a trip)

How it works?

Go to Dashboard > Experiences > Select an already uploaded experience or click "add new experience" and follow the upload steps > On the scheduling page, you'll be able to Turn on Pending bookings.

Your booking system, & on other partner websites, will show an open calendar for when you are accepting pending bookings. The customer selects a date and if you have multiple timeslots in a day, they select those too - if you don't have multiple timeslots they'll skip this step. Pending bookings cannot be taken within 24 hours of the event start time.

Customers get notified throughout the buying journey and the emails that this is a request for a booking and they won't get charged until the booking request is confirmed.

You'll get an email notifying you and you'll have 24 hours to accept or message the customer to offer an alternate date or experience or to decline. If you want to reschedule, you'll need to pick up the phone to the customer, agree a date and then accept their booking. Then you'll need to find their booking and amend it to be the date you agreed.

Why is there a 24-hour limit to accept bookings?

More than ever before consumers expect quick booking and instant gratification. 24 hours gives customers a short window to have their booking approved, so they can know quickly whether it's going ahead and if not, can make alternate plans. We believe if we extended this further, it would lead to fewer bookings being received by businesses as customer look for instant booking and gratification elsewhere.

Other important notes:

  • If the bank card used by a customer has insufficient funds when you accept the booking, or if the bank requires the customer to reauthorise the card, when you accept the booking, the customer will receive an email to finalise the booking to enter new card details in order for the payment to go through. When they provide the new details, the booking will be automatically confirmed.
  • Make sure you check you have sufficient availability when you accept pending bookings. There are no limits on the pending booking requests you can receive for a time slot, date or experience whilst there is availability. Once you have accepted enough bookings to fill the capacity that you have set, you will no longer receive pending booking requests for that slot. However, until you accept pending bookings, you will continue to get more for the same slot. It is up to you to only accept as many as you can fulfill for any given time slot.
  • Pending bookings do not currently allow gift vouchers or discount codes to be applied although we will look to enable this in the future.

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