We've created multiple options to take bookings on your website for maximum flexibility. For information on all options and which one is right for you, read here.

Implementing the booking form:

The booking form allows you to share a list of all your experiences on your website, or just a single experience. It is a replica of the Booking Portal, except it's embedded within an iframe on your website, meaning customers don't have to leave your website to browse through the experiences you offer, the dates and availability. If your website is securely protected by https customers will checkout directly on your website but If your website is not securely protected (your domain name will be http rather than https) your customers will be sent to a secure payment page to protect their card details).

The booking form is a HTML iFrame. Don't be put off, these are very common to add to your website. Like adding most things from a YouTube video, Google maps and social media plug-ins. Add the iFrame, like you'd add a YouTube video.

Depending on your website provider (Google, Wix, Wordpress etc.), they all will have slightly different ways of adding iFrames. We've created simple guides below, but if you're website isn't listed, either Google 'How to add an iFrame to {website provider name}' or drop us a message and we'll knock up some instructions in a jiffy.

First of all, configure your booking form by visiting the Booking Form Management Page (visible by clicking the below button if you're logged in to your account).

(for logged in users)

Here you can select the colour to suit your website and what experiences you wish to show. You'll then be given a code to input into your iFrame on your website.

- When adding an iFrame, make sure to expand the borders to make it big enough to provide an ideal shopping experience for your customers
- Make sure to check how it looks on mobile and on desktop and resize the iFrame as needed

To add an iFrame to your site, look for the HTML editor of your page (Wordpress examples as follows)....

Insert the code generated from your Beyonk dashboard.

Alternatively, if it's a website builder tool like Wix, look for the HTML inserter.

And for Google sites, again, look for the HMTL inserter:

Insert the code generated on your Beyonk dashboard and voila, you have direct online booking on your website.

Ok, you get the gist. Each website will have the <> , HMTL , iFrame, inserter in different places, so it will just be a case of finding this and adding to your website.

Any questions - just drop us a message.

Alternatively, or even additionally, link to your Booking Portal directly from a "Book Now" link in your menu.

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