Adding the Beyonk Online Booking System to your Wordpress website is simple by following the following instructions. If there are any questions or issues, drop us a message and we'll be happy to help. 

1. Personalising the widget for your brand

Visit the separate article here
Once you've generated and copied the snippet of code to add to your website, follow the next steps..

2. Add the booking widget to your Wordpress website:

You have two choices in adding the widget to your Wordpress website:

  1. Add the booking widget to every page of your website to make it easy for your customers to select from your 'list of experiences' and book on every webpage
  2. Adding the widget to single pages only on your Wordpress website where you may wish to select to show a 'Specific experience' to show an experience of your choosing.

a) On Beyonk, select 'List of experiences' or 'Specific experience' depending on what you want to show. Customise the widget to suit your branding. Copy and paste the snippet of code generated.

b) Put the snippet of code, where you've also put your Google Analytics tracking code, or if you haven't done this - the easiest way to add the snippet of code is by  
downloading a free plug-in to add it to your header: To download the plugin, simply, visit your Wordpress Admin dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search 'Oh Add Script Header Footer' > Install Now

d) Once the plugin is installed, you can add the snippet across your whole website or on single webpages by going to the page you want to edit, and adding the snippet of code into the box that looks like this:

Please note - if you're using a free hosted website, they do not support plugins, so the easiest option is to use a 'Book Now' Button linking back to your Beyonk Booking Portal, or Adding a Booking Form.

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