To amend you availability, go to your Beyonk dashboard > Experiences > (edit or add new experience and follow the upload steps) > scheduling. Here you'll be able to select the start and end time, and upload different timeslots and booking controls.

If you're a museum or attraction and doing timeslots for arrival times only e.g. 100 people can arrive each hour, then it's best to make the duration 1 hour or the length of time people can arrive between. This will show customers clearly when they must arrive. You can state your opening hours elsewhere, like in the main description, booking confirmation email and reminder emails.

Instant booking versus pending booking

The first option on the scheduling page is whether to offer instant booking or pending bookings. To read more about pending bookings see here.

Once you've selected your choice, next you'll need to upload availability, click "Add Schedule".

You'll get to a page that looks like this...

  1. Click on 'Select experience running time' and put the first date your event will be running on. If it's a multi-day trip, select the first date and the final date. If it's a single-day event or less, just select one day.
  2. Once you've selected the start and end time in step 1, you can add more timeslots for each day by clicking the 'Add multiple timeslots'.

When you click 'Add multiple timeslots', it'll look like this...

You can then click 'Add New Timeslot' to add more timeslots. You can add as many timeslots as you need to.

If you want to add different durations for timeslots or events, you'll have to save this schedule, then create a new schedule for a different duration. Each recurrence of the event needs a different start time. So if you want to offer a 1 hour trip, or a 2 hour trip, You'll need to make the event start times slightly different.

3. You can choose how often to repeat the schedule, by Clicking the 'Repeat this schedule' button. You'll then get the choice of repeating it every day, every week on the same day, or every month on the same date. Make sure to select a time where the repetition ends.

Once you've filled in all the fields, you'll be able to click 'Save'. If the 'Save' Button is not clickable and dimmed out, that means you're missing filling in all information.

Make sure you re-read and check all fields and answer all the questions.

You can then edit, clone or remove the schedule at any time to make it suit your experience, by clicking on the relevant button for the schedule.

You can add as many schedules as you want to get the desired availability you need.

If you clone a schedule, it won't allow more capacity to be added. Cloning is just a way to get another schedule for different timeslots or dates.

Once you've uploaded your availability, you can set when to stop accepting bookings, the capacities, and more.

Removing availability

When you've completed all of your onboarding steps, the main 'Onboarding' page, will turn into a central calendar page like this...

This will help you easily see which days you have availability for and bookings for. By clicking onto any of these dates, you can get a detailed summary of everything happening on that day, to add in sales from walk-ins, phone or made on other channels.

To remove availability for a specific day or timeslot, the easiest way is to go to your central calendar and click 'Add sale' and add in the number of spaces to fill the capacity and click save.

If you want to block out availability for a longer time period, across multiple experiences, click the big red button on your central calendar and upload the schedule that you want to remove availability. This will override any availability schedules you've uploaded. This is great if you're going on holiday, or want to remove a long length of availability.

If you remove availability or change the timeslots or schedules in any way - THEY DO NOT AMEND YOUR BOOKINGS. Schedules and bookings operate independently of each other. To reschedule customers, simply go to your bookings tab, click "Amend" on their booking and select the new date and start time and send an automatically generated updated booking confirmation email.

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