Consumers expectations have evolved. 

With the rise of key platforms like Uber, where you can order a cab and be picked up within 3 minutes in major cities, to Amazon that's soon to launch delivery by drone, automated ordering when your milk in your fridge runs out and more. There is a trend taking the world by storm. That trend is "hyper-convenience".

Hyper-convenience is the expectation of today's consumers of rich information at their fingertips to be able to make purchasing decisions and the ability to book online and have instant confirmation. Over 50% of consumers would now rather book online than pick up the phone. For these consumers, they'll often find a similar experience that's instantly bookable rather than pick up the phone or message to enquire, which is a lost sales opportunity. While the desire for instant booking varies across different age groups, demographics and geographies, there's a clear consensus that enabling instant booking is driving more business to companies by providing more accessible consumption of your services. 

Millions of consumers are using the internet to book and buy online. By allowing for instant booking, you're opening your business up to these consumers. What's more, you can minimise admin through having automated invoices, tracking of all your sales in one place, a list of all customers you ever had book with you and more. No more back and forwards and avoid the sometimes awkward exchange of cash in person.

Frequent barriers of taking online bookings and how to overcome them

  • Don't believe the value of online bookings to your business?

Clearly the type of business, experiences on offer and more, will impact the value of online bookings to your business. We can only share our own direct experience and research. Beyonk conducted a test of two exactly the same experience listings, but with one difference - one was instantly bookable, one was not. 

The experience listing that was instantly bookable sold 10x more in revenue than the one that was not instantly bookable. For the one that wasn't instantly bookable, it received many enquires, yet by the time a response was sent to gauge the groups size and dates required, the consumers dropped off (perhaps they found a bookable experience?). Although this is a limited study for many reason, we've also seen a similar trend across all the other experiences. Those experiences with the most dates available sell more. Those with few dates, or none, require a longer enquiry and sales process and give consumers more chance to book elsewhere or to lose interest.

  • Too much effort and technical hassle, or expense of getting set up?

Although we may be biased, we created Beyonk connect - a powerful yet effortless booking system to sit on your website and power your online bookings. It's built for no technical knowledge and those who want to be set up for success online but without the hassle of the older booking system companies out there

  • Want to make sure your customers are suitable for your experience?

We recommend stating clearly the effort level, level of experience and who the experience is suitable for in the experience listing. Make it clear that if customers have booked and are deemed not suitable, it is at your discretion to refund customers if you feel they are not suitable. This will provide the balance of allowing for instant booking yet still weeding out consumers who may not be suitable

  • Don't know what dates you'll be free?

Available most days to provide experiences, but don't want someone booking in with you last minute? Upload your availability to Beyonk, but stop people booking with you days in advance, so you're 

  • Have a lot of walk-ins and don't want to have over bookings online?

You've ran your business for some time now, so no doubt you'll understand the likely demand from walk-ins. In this case, simple upload a few spaces onto Beyonk so you can take a few bookings to bolster your offline bookings. On off-season, upload more available spaces to take full advantage of the power of the internet and being open to business to millions of potential consumers.

  • Don't want individual bookings that aren't financially feasible for you to run?

Beyonk allows you to:

  1. Set a minimum booking size, you can stop bookings of beneath any number and only allow for group bookings so its financially viable for you. Once this booking size has been met, then the experience is open to individuals to book on so you can maximise your sales. However, the higher the group size number, the less bookings you're likely to make due to it being less accessible to consumers
  2. Set different prices per booking size. E.g. If you need £150 for your experience to go ahead, you can set £150 for an individual, £75 each for two people, £50 each for 3 and so on. Set your pricing so you have the maximum amount of flexibility for consumers to book with you. 

Any other concerns with taking online bookings? Let us know, we'd love to chat and understand how we can help your business.

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