This article explains how the Beyonk booking software works inline with your current business operations.

We've created 3 main options to take bookings on your website. To see the different booking software options read here. They all work in the same way in terms of how payments are taken and recorded.

Once you have implemented the booking software onto your website, it will be visible for consumers to book directly with you. The below is how its works. 

  1. Beyonk helps you get set up for online bookings & add the system to your site
  2. Your customers book with you
  3. Your customer agrees to your booking terms and provides the information you asked for on checkout
  4. The customers funds are sent to you via Stripe directly to your bank account (minus Beyonk fees where applicable). This means we leverage a world-class payment processing provider for their security and robustness so you never miss a sales opportunity. Stripe processes billions of dollars of payments each year, all around the globe, so your payments are in safe hands. We don't store any payment information, it's passed directly onto Stripe who are compliant with all relevant payment processing regulations and recommended standards. The Beyonk booking software is used by some of the biggest tourism websites in the UK used by millions of consumers and has been extensively tested for robustness, security and optimisations. Once it's on your website, it's there to perform for you all the time.
  5. Both you and your customer receives a booking confirmation email that you can amend to provide the information you need or to request more info, like filling out a waiver
  6. 48 hours before the event, a reminder email is sent to your customers that you can amend to provide last-minute details
  7. Your live availability is automatically updated so you can't be overbooked. If you're sharing your live availability across other Beyonk distribution channels these will also automatically be updated too
  8. Your dashboard is updated, so you can view a single calendar of all your bookings, remaining availability, customer bookings, generate automated invoices, understand income, commissions and even message consumers directly in the dashboard so all your communications remain in one place
  9. If you need to refund, reschedule or cancel, you can do so at the click of a button which syncs directly to your bank account
  10. You can export all data into spreadsheets and view rich reports
  11. You get paid usually within a week of the booking being made and you can view your payouts schedule at any time
  12. Keep in contact with the customers, get them to join your social media channels, email distribution list and leave a review for you by sending out an automated, personalised thank you email

All you had to do, was keep your availability up to date and deliver the experience. Now that's simplicity at it's finest :)

Add direct booking on your website now.

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