We've created multiple options to take bookings on your website for maximum flexibility. For information on all options and which one is right for you, read here.

This article outlines how to add the Beyonk booking widget to your website. The widget is the floating "Book Now" button that expands and shows off either a single, or all experiences on your website. It provides clear visibility of where to book at all times, so is optimised for making sales. And it provides a great user experience on both mobile, desktop and tablet.

Each website is slightly different on how to implement it, so we're created guides for each one, and for those we may be missing, we're on hand to help. 

Read on to understand how to: 1. customise; and 2. implement; the booking widget onto your website
The booking widget is perfect for most websites. But if you have a Google Sites or a Wix (non premium), we suggest using our booking form.

To implement the booking widget on your website you must have:

  1. Uploaded an experience to Beyonk
  2. Uploaded your cancellation terms and bank account details so you can get paid

(To share these experiences to the Beyonk distribution network, you must also upload your certifications to evidence sufficient experience and cover), but this is completely optional).

Once you've uploaded your experience and published it to your widget, visit the Beyonk Booking Software page (button below, accessible if you're logged in). 

From here you can customise the widget to suit your brand, choose from a number of implementation options and gain instructions on how to implement it on your website.

1. Customise which experiences you want to make bookable on your website
You can pick and choose which experiences you want to take bookings for and in which locations on your website. There are two main options to pick from:

  • Share all of your experiences in the software so customers can browse through everything you offer within the widget and book onto any of them directly
  • Share a single experience in the widget, perhaps you want this option on the specific experience page on your website

2. Customise where to put it on your website, whether you want the widget to show up on the left or right (right is best practice). 

3. Customising the booking software colour or just use our own standard neon green than grabs attention

  • Add your website colour to make it stand out

Implementing the widget to your website

  • Simply copy the snippet of code provided to you in your dashboard.
  • Paste this into the </head> tag of your website - if you cannot find this, simply read from the help articles below for the final steps, or if your website isn't listed below message us and we can advise:

Integrating with Wordpress
Integrating with Wix

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