If you're just using the booking software, you do not need any evidence of certifications or cover. 

If you wish to sell through our distribution network of tourist boards, parks and accommodation platforms we request some evidence of legitimacy.

At Beyonk, we're passionate about building a long lasting partnership with the best experience providers rather than growing a huge list of experience providers that are potentially unsafe, unqualified, not customer-focused and just in it for the money.

There's a few things we look for:

  • Each provider must have up-to-date insurance cover for the experiences they provide
  • We ask experience provider evidences relevant experience. Whilst we can often gauge this from your website, reviews and referrals, we ask for evidence of any industry relevant qualifications. E.g. if you're doing Winter Mountain expeditions, a summer mountain leader qualification won't cut it. 

Top Tips

  • If your businesses uses a wealth of contractors or staff, we appreciate it's a huge hindrance to upload all of their certifications. In this instance, we provide a declaration form where you explicitly state you have assessed each staff member and guarantee they have the relevant level of experience for the experiences they will lead, and you indemnify Beyonk from all liability associated with the vetting, organisation and delivery of experiences
  • It isn't a legal requirement to have industry relevant qualifications and it's a highly fragmented industry. We do this as a best efforts basis only to aim to set a standard of quality that other platforms do not guarantee. By being on the Beyonk platform, it's a stamp of quality and trust and you'll only be listing alongside other legitimate providers, and working within a community of the best.

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