Best practice for uploading your experiences

Adding your experiences to Beyonk is quick and simple, yet to optimise your bookings, it's worthwhile to spend some time making them high quality to optimise the bookings you'll receive. We'll also help you with this by providing tips and asking the questions your future consumers may ask. We can also help sourcing images, sending photographers to you and copy-righting to bolster the descriptions.

When adding your experiences you'll be led through a process that'll help you do this easily. Just remember the more information you can add, the less questions prospective customers will ask and the more bookings you'll receive. So an extra few minutes invested now, will be time well invested going forwards.

After uploading your experience, make sure to preview it and ask the question - why would someone not book onto your experience? Is it too extreme or intimidating? Are the images quality enough? Do they know what to expect and what sort of experience or fitness level they'll need?

Quick tips

  • If you have many experiences, let us know and we can upload these for you
  • Want to know how to create the best listings? Read our blog post HERE.

How to upload your experience to Beyonk

Once you've signed up as a business to Beyonk (read here on this). You'll be given a tour of the dashboard so you know where everything is. You can skip this if you're a computer whiz, it's built to be intuitive and easy to use. 

At this point you'll be on your dashboard:

Click through the tips to learn where everything is and you'll be ready to upload your experience. If you're logged in, you can also follow the button below to upload your first experience.

This will take you to the experience upload pages. As you fill out the form, you'll be led through a series of pages to build a rich experience listing, looking a little like this...

These pages are built upon the questions from thousands of consumers, so are optimised to build your experience into one that isn't just instantly bookable, but that consumers actually want to book.

When you're done building our the experience, you can duplicate them to build out similar listings, or simply add more. The more experiences you add, the more exposure you'll get online and more bookings. 

When you've uploaded your experience, make sure you complete the 'Getting Started Checklist' so you can get paid when you make bookings.

When complete, you'll be able to publish your experiences to different channels to fill your spare spaces. 

You'll also be able to use our booking software - Beyonk Connect. With a simple copy and paste of code to your website, all your experiences will be instantly bookable on your website, optimised for bookings 24/7. Minimising admin through sharing your live availability across multiple channels and having everything in one place on your dashboard. Everyones a winner. 

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