Using features to help you sell more

Gift vouchers

Sell gift vouchers that can be automatically reclaimed from your booking form within the next 12 months to avoid the painful manual scheduling exercise. Head to Customisations > Gift Vouchers.

Discount & affiliate codes

Create offers to share to your social media and partners and track the uptake from their customers to calculate where is best to spend your marketing efforts in the future. Head to Customisations > Discount Codes.

Group discounts & Add-ons

Offer group discounts to attract larger groups, and be sure to have add-ons so customers are enticed to spend more with you. Head to Experiences > Amend (or add new and follow the upload steps) > Pricing

Share your widgets further

Offer your partners your booking widgets so their customers can book direct on your website. Speak to your local tourist board, national park, or tourism promoters to work with Beyonk and we'll help you take direct bookings through their website as we seek to build the UKs ethical booking ecosystem!

Optimise your experience listings

Selling an intangible product such as activities, attractions and events requires a lot of attention to detail from the outset. But done right, and it can make a big difference to the business you receive. Here are some pointers on how to create something wonderful...

Focus on your USP - Why is your event special? What is your 'magic sauce'   that makes your experience epic?

Focus on your customers - Who is your ideal customer? Build out a description of the activity that would suit the type of person who is likely to book your activity.

Focus on the competition - If many companies a similar service, be sure to differentiate. This is not always on price. But could be based on having greater experience, a better route, VIP seats, providing food, more flexible options or terms, better imagery or description. These are all ways of getting booked over others.

Information is key - Consumers need enough information at their fingertips to be able to book. The more you can spell out what the activity includes, who its suitable for, what will happen over each aspect of the activity, day or week, the more a consumer will know if its suitable for them.

Copy & Pictures
Try to take a bit of time to make your experience description rich in information. Not only do full and appealing description attract more customers, but it will save you time later answering any questions that may otherwise arise.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s never truer than for selling experiences. Many consumers are inspired by Instagram and social media and want to create their next social media post on your activity. Make sure to upload the best pictures you have (or even invest in getting some photography done professionally if you haven’t already). We’d recommend adding up to 10 photos. Sell the dream. Images of people laughing, sunsets, sunrises, BBQs, starlit skies, stunning views and emotion-encouraging photos will drive the success of your bookings.

Dates, Dates, Dates
Those experiences that have frequent dates perform significantly better than those with rare dates. Clearly the amount of dates available is difficult to control for certain events that require significant planning. The chances that someone is in the area, wishes to do your activity and they're also free on the single day you have made available in the next month, is very low. Consumers are having shortening attention spans and over 50% of people would prefer to book directly than pick up the phone. Catering for instant booking for lots of dates can significantly bolster the amount of consumers who will book.

Be Responsive
Try to respond to customers as soon as possible whilst they're interested and engaged. We've seen over 60% of enquiries that are not responded to within 24 hours end up going nowhere as consumers lose interest or get distracted.

Beyonk allows you to set different types of discounts. Make sure you take advantage of these to allow for single bookings so you can cater for individuals only, or group discounts so your experience is suited to families, corporates or a bunch of friends.

Booking terms
With events, consumers expect more flexibility than ever before. Those events that can offer flexible booking and cancellation terms will attract more bookings. Look at other websites where consumers can book and make sure your terms are competitive.

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