Although Beyonk offers booking software, we offer quite a different proposition to other booking software companies. Here's some points to consider when thinking about whether to use Beyonk over another competitor. 

Beyonk is a UK based company, that works closely with certifying and industry bodies to represent the interests of the industry to support industry-low fees, great on-going support & linkages & partnerships with major tourism bodies to promote your activities.

We don't just provide booking software. We actively seek for opportunities to develop your business. We partner with local tourist boards, national parks, accommodation platforms and other large websites to help their users discover activities in local areas. Often our local partners have more website visitors, than the major booking platforms for those areas, so are significant opportunities to support selling spare spaces for your activities, events or attractions. What's more, is that the commission rate through these channels are some of the lowest in the industry, versus OTAs.

We're a passionate and hard-working team and we understand your success is our success. Working with us means: 

  1. You'll have a single point of contact, but around the clock support
  2. We'll aim to get to know you and what works for you;
  3. We are UK based, we understand the activity market, customers and opportunities;
  4. We're on a mission to provide the best software and service, so we'll work to build specifically for you.

Our booking system is easier to use

Our booking system is all about making it as easy and intuitive to operate and grow your business. Because we're a newer booking system on the market, we don't have lots of old legacy, clunky technology.

Our technology is developing fast, and the community are building it with us

We're a shared technology platform, our community tells us what to build to create a system they love. See our latest feature launches here.

Our terms are more friendly

Using Beyonk is easy and quick to do. There's no lengthy integrations or unfriendly contracts or hidden fees. We do all the work for you to get set up on your website and we're on your side and all the decisions we make are in your best interests. Here's a couple of small ways our terms add up to make us the friendlier option:

  • We refund our fees if the booking is cancelled
  • We don't charge for onboarding, support or any other fees than the industry-low booking fee
  • We don't charge for manual bookings or walk-ins. And we don't charge for free events or tickets.
  • There's no minimum contract length, so it's in our best interest to make it work for you so you stick around

Our customer support is unrivalled

We're told by our community they're shocked by how good our customer service is. We don't just provide the technology, we're on hand to help and proactively seek to help you excel.

Got any questions? Drop us a message and we'd be happy to help

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