Beyonk is a booking platform, meaning when customers book, they're booking direct with you, accepting your terms and conditions and cancellation policy. Beyonk is there to make it easier for you to manage bookings and easier for your customers to sign up to what you offer. To see the full benefits, it's important to connect your Beyonk account to a Stripe account.

Connecting your account to Stripe

Beyonk has partnered with Stripe for industry low booking fees, automated payments and refunds into your bank account and greater reporting. Stripe is one of the leading payment processors, processing billions of transactions with a highly robust and secure system, so your payments are in safe hands.

Connect your account to Stripe here.

How payments work with Stripe

Once your account is connected to Stripe you'll be able to see when you're due to receive funds from bookings, which can typically take around 7 working days of a booking, but you can opt for faster payments too. You'll be able to see reports on most successful months, frequent customers and more.

Your bookings are sent directly to your bank account minus Stripe fees and Beyonk fees.

Refunding customers with Stripe

When you need to refund customers, you can do so by going to your Beyonk dashboard > Bookings > Type in booking reference into search > Options > Amend.

In the amend page, you can offer to refund the full value of the ticket or a partial amount, then click the 'Refund & email customer'. This will notify the customer how much they've been refunded and that they can expect to see funds in their account within 5 - 10 working days as per Stripes payout policy.

When refunding customers Stripe do not refund their initial fee, you can see their prices here - Stripe fees. You can cover this by not offering complete refunds to customers in your booking terms, or for the best customer experience, other's absorb this cost.

If you're cancelling the customer, or refunding a ticket, to then make sure you release the availability so others can book with you, simply update the number of tickets for that booking on the same 'Amend booking page'.

When clicking 'Modify & email Customer', they'll receive an updated booking confirmation showing either all tickets removed, or an update number of tickets, depending on how you've amended the booking. This will update the system so you can see the new number of tickets (if any).

Before you link your account to Stripe

All payments made to accounts not directly set up with Stripe connect will be paid once monthly after the activity has been delivered. We're doing this so if you need to refund a customer, you can do so, without having to chase you for the funds that we'd already paid you in order to refund the customer. In this instance, if you want to refund a customer, you'll need to notify who can process this on your behalf. This is clearly a slower and longer process, so make sure to link your account to Stripe as soon as you can.

If there's any questions or issues on how bookings work, please let us know and we'll be happy to help.

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