There are two ways to receive bookings on Beyonk:

  1. When Beyonk fills your spare spaces through our own marketplace and distribution network through tourist boards, accommodation platforms and national parks. When we give you sales, we hold the payment as agent and pay out 3 days after the activity has been delivered. We do this to ensure we are able to process refunds and cancellations on your behalf. Those that need flexibility on this due to the Package Travel Regulation can get in touch for our bespoke option. 
  2. When you make bookings using our booking software on your website you get paid automatically. Under this scenario, you are responsible for refunding customers when necessary.

Payments are processed via Stripe and timeframes are dependent on Stripe payment processing timeframes.

You will be asked for payment and cancellation details when creating an account. If we make bookings before you have submitted this information, your payment will be delayed, but we will contact you to aim to avoid this situation. 

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