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About Agape Farms

The Farm Agápē (ah•GAH•pey) is the word for the truest, purest form of love; God’s love. Brian and I stumbled on to this property in the Sam Houston National Forest by pure luck…it was one of those “God Things.” The house was old, like your great grandma’s house type old. No central a/c or heating, no insulation. Unsealed windows, which means whatever seasonal bugs are out and about also become your roommates (think: lovebugs, flies, Asian beetles, wasps, scorpions, etc). Pier and beam floors that creak with every step and whatever the current weather is creeps up through the cracks chilling or heating your toes. The buildings were run down, pasture untamed and over-ran with 100 years of hoarding from the previous owners. It was love at first sight. Today our homestead is focused on increasing production of our four primary crops: QUAIL, DUCK, RABBIT, LAMB. We can be found in and around the City of Montgomery hanging out with all our favorite local businesses, restaurants, farms and other local hangouts (but mostly at Wilderlove Coffee). There, we will most likely be planning the next Agape Farms adventure that can help us: > Increasing our ability for our family to become self-sufficient growing and lovingly harvesting our own food. > Connecting and serving our community and our neighbors. > Learning and educating children on farm life, animals and animal husbandry. > Offering our food, livestock and abundance whenever we have it available. > Exemplifying and sharing the gospel and God's love. .......through our farm, through our food, through our family and through our faith. Be-it the food itself, farm life, employment, access to the animals, farm tours, farm knowledge, a sanctuary, retreat or farm boot camp, or as a ministry, we are anxious to grow what we love into something other people can love, or a place to feel loved, too. We are here to serve. The Chrisenberry Family & the Agape Farms Team

Booking Policy

By booking this Agape Farms Farm Tour & Experience you are agreeing to the Agape Farms Release of Liability Waiver. Please review the details below prior to finalizing payment. 

By agreeing to this Release of Liability Waiver, I am identifying myself as a leader and responsible for my family/group/party. I agree to inform each member of our group of the dangers associated with touring a farm. I agree to read this waiver and the Agape Farms Rules & Restrictions (located in the Farm Guide & Workbook) out-loud to each member of my party and I recognize I am responsible for verifying their understanding of, and most importantly, following of, those rules by each member of our party, regardless of age. Our group agrees to in no way hold any person employed by or associated with Agape Farms LLC, Agape Farms Ministries (a 501(c)(3) organization), or Agape Farms LLC itself, responsible for any accidents, injuries, property damage or death occurring as a result of touring and participating in the Agape Farms Farm Experience located at 18913 Bethel Road in the city of Richards, Texas. We understand there will be animals roaming freely and we will have access and ability to touch and interact with the animals. We understand that animals are unpredictable by nature and capable of causing harm. We are aware that there are structures, along with a “Crow’s Nest” and other structures or enclosures on site that could be dangerous or cause injury if caution is not taken. We understand we enter these premises at our own risk and that we are responsible for the decisions we choose to make during our visit. We realize that liability might arise from carelessness or negligence on the part of the persons or entities beings released and I hereby assume the sole responsibility of and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Brian & Brandi Chrisenberry, all members of the Chrisenberry family along with Agape Farms and any of its affiliates. 

I understand that I may be photographed during my experience and I agree to allow any photo, video or likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by Agape Farms and I waive the right to be compensated by them. I also reserve the right to request for said photo to be removed. 

I hereby certify that I have read this document and I understand its contents fully and take full responsibility for all minors who are under our care during the tour.

Cancellation Policy

Custom Policy

All sales are final. Tickets may be refunded if the event is cancelled or rescheduled by the organizer.