Sell through GetYourGuide

Beyonk enables you to sell through GetYourGuide, sharing your live availability and tickets to avoid you having to do manual work to keep your availability up to date. GetYourGuide is one of the largest Online Travel Agents for booking experiences that can help tour operators to attract international visitors. Have a single golden source of your data in Beyonk and have all your bookings from other platforms come into one single calendar. This makes managing your business a breeze. Enabling you to avoid spending time on admin so you can spend more time what matters - delivering great experiences to your guests.

How it works


Head to your App Store in your Beyonk dashboard and select "Channel Manager". This enables you to select which OTAs you wish to share your experiences to and at which prices. You'll sign a commercial contract with each OTA you speak to which will cover which experiences they want you to sell through them and at what rates.

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