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Haunt with ease using Beyonk's booking software designed for haunted houses. Minimize queues, enhance the scare factor, and manage ticketing seamlessly.

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    Market-leading booking journey that is 70% quicker to checkout

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    Real-time booking availability

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    Fully optimized mobile platform

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    Robust data analytics and insights

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Outshine the competition and sell more tickets

Clicks shouldn't hinder conversions, and Beyonk prioritizes a swift and intuitive booking journey by minimizing clicks to purchase. Our platform is crafted to simplify the booking process, reducing friction and ensuring a rapid path to completion. Recognizing that time is of the essence, we aim to enhance the user experience, making it effortless for customers to convert and engage with your offerings seamlessly.

Our platform offers a hassle-free solution for haunted house experience providers, providing real-time availability updates, customizable booking flows, and intuitive communication tools. 

Choose Beyonk to stay in control and ahead of the competition.

QR scanners

Beyonk revolutionizes the booking experience with cutting-edge QR codes and scanners, seamlessly integrating technology to enhance efficiency and convenience. 

Our QR scanning system ensures swift and secure check-ins, allowing both organisers and attendees to navigate events effortlessly. 

Say goodbye to tiresome manual processes and embrace the future of event management.

Point of sale

Elevate your business transactions with Beyonk's advanced Point of Sale system. Our platform provides a seamless and integrated solution for all your on-site sales needs. 

Never miss the opportunity to make a sale again from unscheduled walk-ins with our Point of Sale feature ensuring a smooth and efficient process, empowering you to focus on creating memorable experiences for your customers while we take care of the transactions.


Pricing rules

Beyonk understands the importance of flexible pricing to meet the diverse needs of event organizers. Our Pricing Rules feature allows you to set dynamic pricing structures, offering discounts, early-bird specials, or tiered pricing to maximize ticket sales. 

With Beyonk, you have the power to tailor your pricing strategy, ensuring that your events are not only successful but also financially optimised.

Customer self-service

Empower your customers with the freedom to manage their bookings effortlessly through the Beyonk platform. From ticket transfers to event information updates, our platform puts control in the hands of your customers, alleviating your administrative burdens.

Provide a user-friendly experience that enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, solidifying Beyonk as the go-to platform for seamless event interactions.


Ticketing features


Cutting-edge and resilient platform

Experience the future with Beyonk's cutting-edge and resilient platform, ensuring you stay at the forefront of innovation.


Customer retention and loyalty

Foster customer retention and loyalty effortlessly, our platform is designed to enhance the overall customer experience, creating lasting relationships.


Flexibility and scalability

Grow with confidence as Beyonk has been built with flexibility and scalability in mind, adapting seamlessly to your evolving business needs.


Exceptional local customer support

Receive exceptional local customer support with Beyonk, ensuring you have a dedicated team ready to assist you with any inquiries or challenges.


Integration with Zapier

Enhance your workflow efficiency with our integration with Zapier, allowing seamless connections between your booking system and various other applications you currently use.


QR code scanning

Effortlessly streamline check-ins with Beyonk's QR code scanning feature, providing a quick and contactless way for customers to access their bookings.

Why Beyonk?

Are you seeking a cutting-edge and user-friendly ticketing solution? Beyonk offers a range of features tailored to the unique needs of haunted house attractions, enhancing the overall customer experience. Our  intuitive system allows thrill-seekers to easily explore available time slots, purchase tickets, and make reservations, no matter what device they are using.

The platform's flexibility accommodates the dynamic nature of haunted house events, enabling organizers to create various ticket types, implement pricing strategies, and run promotional campaigns. We facilitate efficient tracking of attendance, revenue, and customer data, empowering haunted houses to optimize their operations. 

By choosing Beyonk, haunted houses can elevate their ticketing and reservation processes, providing an immersive and streamlined experience for attendees while staying ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of event management technology.


What our customers say


They made me feel like we were going to get well looked after. Overall, they just seemed like good people to work with. Support like that really is the best part about the people at Beyonk, it really has been superb.

Tom at Spilman’s Farm


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