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Boost Sales & Stand Out with our Advanced Maize Maze Booking System

At Beyonk, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with providing ticketing solutions for maize mazes. Our platform is engineered not just to meet industry standards but to surpass them, offering you the tools to outshine the competition and drive ticket sales.

With Beyonk, you can elevate the ticketing experience for your maize maze, enticing customers with a quick and easy booking process that significantly improves website conversion rates. Our user-friendly interface streamlines the booking journey, ensuring that customers can effortlessly secure their tickets with just a few clicks, setting you apart in a market where convenience is key.

Our platform offers an efficient mass cancellation feature, providing a quick and organized solution to unforeseen changes or challenges. This capability enhances your ability to manage unexpected circumstances seamlessly, showcasing your adaptability and reliability to your customers.

In addition, our platform allows for the easy adjustment of time slot capacities, enabling your maize maze to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure optimal event scheduling. The flexibility provided by this feature enhances the overall efficiency of your ticketing solution.

By choosing Beyonk, you position your maize maze as a leader in the industry, providing innovative solutions that enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately drive more ticket sales.

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Effortless weather updates

Maize maze providers utilizing Beyonk benefit from an efficient communication channel, empowering you to easily send mass SMS message cancellations due to weather to all bookings for a particular day. 

This ensures a transparent and timely response, fostering a sense of reliability that is crucial in the ever-changing landscape of outdoor events.

QR codes for seamless guest welcoming

Beyonk provides a modern touch for maize maze providers through the implementation of QR codes, designed to facilitate a swift and hassle-free guest check-in experience on event days. 

The use of QR codes not only meets but exceeds the expectations of today's tech-savvy attendees, positioning your maize maze as a forward-thinking business and customer-centric in their event management approach.


Flexibility in time slot capacity

Our platform offers maize maze providers a straightforward solution for adjusting time slot capacities, providing unparalleled flexibility to adapt to changes in circumstances and ensure optimal event scheduling. 

You can effortlessly modify capacities to accommodate varying demand, ensuring that events are not only well-organized but also responsive to the dynamic nature of visitor preferences.

No setup costs

The absence of any setup costs when joining Beyonk is a significant advantage for maize maze providers. It eliminates financial barriers and makes the platform accessible to providers of all sizes, enabling them to seamlessly get involved and set up their events.

By prioritizing affordability without compromising on effectiveness, Beyonk empowers maize maze providers to focus on delivering exceptional experiences without the constraints of upfront expenses.


Ticketing features


Effortless ticketing for enhanced website conversion

Simplify the ticketing process to boost website conversion rates, ensuring a seamless experience for customers to swiftly secure their tickets.


SMS updates for weather-related events

Streamline communication of event cancellations due to weather by effortlessly broadcasting updates to all guests in real-time.


Speedy guest welcoming with QR codes

Accelerate the guest check-in process using QR codes, ensuring a rapid and hassle-free experience for everyone.


Effortless adjustment of time slot capacity

Easily adapt to changing circumstances by modifying timeslot capacities, ensuring optimal event scheduling with simplicity.


No setup costs

Using Beyonk involves no initial costs, providing an accessible and commitment-free entry into efficient booking management.

Why Beyonk?

Beyonk is the ideal booking solution uniquely tailored for Maize mazes, offering a specialized platform that goes beyond conventional booking systems.

Our commitment to enhancing visibility for Maize maze activity providers is reflected in our strategic partnerships with tourist board operators, who actively promote your events on external websites in order to maximize your reach and increase revenue.


What our customers say


The people I’ve been working with are absolutely brilliant. We’ve had a few things we’ve wanted to change last-minute to the system and nothing’s been too much of a hassle. I’m really rubbish with technology and they’ve just managed to make it seamless and easy.

Alice at Lichfield Maize Maze


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