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Efficient Children's Farm Booking Software Solution

Choosing Beyonk will transform the landscape of booking management, offering unparalleled simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency. The booking process becomes a breeze, fostering higher conversion rates.

Our platform's innovative features, such as the ability to adjust time slot capacities, efficiently manage mass cancellations, and utilize QR codes for swift guest check-ins, demonstrate a commitment to staying ahead of industry needs. Beyonk not only enhances the overall experience for organizers but also provides valuable insights through increased online bookings, ensuring accurate future planning. 

Our user-friendly interface and all-in-one dashboard consolidates all aspects of event management in one place, empowering businesses like yours with the tools you need at your fingertips. 

With no setup costs, Beyonk stands out as a cost-effective and accessible solution, making it the ideal choice for those seeking to elevate the booking experience.

Mass cancellation of bookings

Our platform includes a convenient mass cancellation feature that allows you to efficiently handle situations where the cancellation of an entire event or a specific set of bookings is necessary. 

Whether due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in scheduling, this feature streamlines the process, saving your staff time and effort. The mass cancellation capability ensures a swift and organized response to unexpected situations, ensuring you maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

QR codes for swift guest welcoming

Beyonk streamlines the guest check-in process on event days through the integration of QR codes. Attendees can effortlessly display their QR codes, facilitating swift and seamless entry that minimizes wait times and elevates the overall event experience.

Our streamlined check-in service not only enhances the efficiency of guest arrivals but also infuses a contemporary element into the booking management process. By incorporating QR codes, Beyonk enables you to guarantee a polished and welcoming experience for customers right from the beginning of their journey.


Simple adjustment of time slot capacities

Beyonk empowers activity organizers with an easy and straightforward method to adjust time slot capacities. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to changing circumstances, demand fluctuations, or unforeseen challenges. You can effortlessly modify the capacity of different time slots to accommodate varying attendance needs, ensuring a balanced and well-optimized schedule. 

This also adds a layer of adaptability to event planning, allowing your staff to respond dynamically to evolving situations without the need for complex adjustments or time-consuming processes.

No set-up costs for involvement

Beyonk's commitment to accessibility is reflected in its no set-up costs approach for activity providers looking to get involved and set up their experiences on the platform. 

This eliminates barriers for small to medium sized businesses, allowing them to seamlessly integrate Beyonk into their management processes without incurring additional expenses.

The absence of set-up costs encourages a wider range of businesses to leverage the platform's features, promoting inclusivity and access to advanced booking management tools they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

This cost-free onboarding process aligns with Beyonk's mission to empower businesses of all sizes.


Ticketing features


Quick and easy ticketing to improve website conversion

Streamline the booking process for higher website conversion rates, making it effortless for customers to secure tickets.


Send SMS for weather-related cancellations

Instantly communicate booking cancellations due to weather by sending mass SMS updates to all attendees.


Swift guest welcoming with QR codes

Utilise QR codes for a rapid and hassle-free guest check-in experience.


Simple adjustment of time slot capacity

Easily modify timeslot capacities to adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring optimal scheduling.


No setup costs

Using the Beyonk platform incurs no initial costs, offering an accessible and cost-free entry into effective booking management.

Why Beyonk?

Beyonk serves as the best comprehensive booking solution, specifically tailored for children’s farms. Our objective is to empower our clients with optimal opportunities for success, ensuring they attract new audiences and maximize revenue potential.

The Beyonk booking system is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, allowing even those with limited tech knowledge to effortlessly set up new bookings. Our emphasis on simplicity ensures that managing reservations for experiences is a hassle-free process, enabling you to focus on providing memorable experiences for your visitors.


What our customers say


 Beyonk software is very well thought out and provides a host of different options. Initially we switched from our previous booking integration system because of the price, but the customer service we have received from Beyonk has been exemplary and we have no hesitation recommending them and their products regardless.

Andreas at Lowland Alpacas


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