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Elevate your axe throwing experience with Beyonk's intuitive booking software. Streamline the booking process, enhance customer engagement, and ensure a seamless check-in.

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    Robust data analytics and insights

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Aim for Success with Beyonk's Axe Throwing Booking System

First impressions matter to your potential customers, therefore ensuring they have a seamless journey from booking to the day of the event is essential. Choosing Beyonk as your booking system provider is an investment in seamless experiences and elevated customer satisfaction. Our robust platform is tailored to empower axe throwing activity providers like yourself with a user-friendly interface, intelligent automation, and unparalleled flexibility. 

Our platform aids in streamlining the check-in process, allowing organizers to create a positive experience from the moment attendees arrive. By reducing wait times and simplifying check-in procedures, Beyonk contributes to the overall success of your event and leaves a lasting positive impression on your guests.

With Beyonk, you gain a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies booking processes but also enhances your business operations. From effortless customization options to real-time analytics, our system ensures you stay ahead in the competitive landscape. 

Join the Beyonk community and unlock the full potential of your offerings, providing your customers with a booking experience that's as exceptional as the experiences you provide.

Midweek and weekday pricing

Influence bookings during peak times with Beyonk's innovative pricing strategy. Our platform allows for midweek and weekday pricing alignment to the schedule, providing organisers with the flexibility to optimize pricing based on demand.

By incentivizing bookings during traditionally quieter periods, we empower you to maximize revenue and attendance throughout the week.


Enhance customer loyalty and engagement with Beyonk’s membership feature. Our platform enables organizers to create and manage membership programs seamlessly. 

By offering exclusive perks, discounts, and privileges, Beyonk helps organizers build a dedicated community, fostering long-term relationships with members who appreciate the added value of their membership.


Experience gift vouchers

Did you know 80% of vouchers purchased through our platform are experience vouchers, rather than cash vouchers.

Beyonk's experience gift vouchers add a personalised touch to gifting, making it easy for both organizers and customers to create memorable moments.

Broadcast/bulk cancel convert to voucher

We understand that plans can change, and flexibility is crucial. Beyonk offers a unique solution for cancellations by allowing organizers to broadcast or bulk cancel bookings, converting them into vouchers for future use. 

This feature ensures that, in the event of cancellations for any reason, customers have the option to retain the value of their booking, fostering goodwill and maintaining a positive relationship between organizers and attendees.

Ticketing features


Pricing strategies

Influence bookings during peak times with Beyonk's mid-week and weekday pricing aligned to your schedule.


Memberships and seasonal passes

Manage memberships effortlessly with Beyonk, providing unique discounts and benefits to customers.


Reduce administrative duties

Say goodbye to the chore of logging into different platforms for waivers; our system ensures seamless recording against the customer's booking.


Collect deposits

Facilitate large group bookings with Beyonk's deposit feature, allowing customers to pay in instalments and make the booking process more flexible for your customers.


Maximize revenue with add-ons

Recommend follow-on activities to drive upsells and create packages with a few clicks, whether it's combining axe throwing with archery or any other exciting activity.

Seamless website integration

Beyonk guarantees a smooth customer journey by integrating seamlessly with your website, ensuring trust-building and increased conversions.

Why Beyonk?

If you’re an axe throwing activity provider searching for an innovative and user-friendly ticketing solution, then look no further than Beyonk. Our platform caters specifically to your unique needs, providing an intuitive online booking system that enhances the overall customer experience.

With Beyonk, enthusiasts can effortlessly browse available time slots, secure their axe throwing sessions, and make reservations with ease. The platform's adaptability allows you to create diverse ticket types, implement flexible pricing structures, and execute targeted promotions. Our robust management system facilitates efficient tracking of attendance, revenue, and customer data, empowering you to optimise operations and better understand your clientele.


What our customers say


The fact that the booking system sits nicely on our website on each of the experience pages, means we’re at people’s fingertips. It’s taken our business to the next level in terms of customer experience and bookability. I can’t even remember what we did two years ago without it!

Sara at Graythwaite Adventures


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