How Beyonk and TXGB work together

It’s great Visit Britain is supporting businesses and tourist boards with their digital strategy and online booking of experiences with their TXGB initiative.

At Beyonk, we were set up with the goal of helping DMOs become not just leading research platforms, but the leading booking platforms for things to do. TXGB helps solve some of the challenges and can be used to help to bolster our strategy of making you a leading booking platform. Here’s how you can use Beyonk and TXGB together to power your website.

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Offer a solution that works for all your businesses

Offering multiple options for how to get bookable through the DMOs will drive mass uptake of experience booking. TXGB has direct integrations to 5 of the larger booking system providers which will help businesses using those booking systems get connected to your website.

Use Beyonk for one of the 100+ booking systems not integrated to TXGB and for businesses that want an easier way to upload tickets to your website, with a system specifically built for experiences, tickets, and solving the unique challenges experience businesses face with bookings management. Get your businesses to try the two solutions and see which one they prefer for uploading tickets.

Get more businesses bookable through your website

All businesses are busy and our experience is that the majority of businesses need one-on-one support to get involved, regardless of how easy the system is to use. Use Beyonk to have a team proactively working with your businesses, driving uptake, and supporting onboarding with local touring, dedicated account managers and 24/7 support. All with the goal of ensuring you reach significant uptake and choice of bookable experiences and even sending you new members.

Get the best systems to power your website

Use Beyonk for the slickest booking experience on your website that will make a clear difference in bookings for businesses. We've analysed millions of consumers interacting with our booking systems and have optimised them to maximise bookings through ease-of-use and minimising barriers to book. Whether it's mobile or tablet, your granny or your kid, they'll be able to use Beyonk to book with ease.

Our rich integration with SimpleView means your businesses get greater visibility online. Each activity they upload gets a separate SEO optimised activity page, generating you more web traffic and the business more bookings.

Working with Beyonk, is easy, no cost to you and will add significant value to your members with proven results from our other tourist boards and destinations across the UK, including Cornwall, Peak District and Somerset and National Parks.

How Beyonk and TXGB interact on your website

Like accommodation bookings, you may have 20+ booking systems on your website.

With TXGB, businesses who sign up will get a "Book Now" button on their business listing page. When clicked, this will send people off your website to select availability, see prices and book. Similar to how it would be without TXGB, people would click to see the business's website and find the tickets and availability.

For the businesses that sign up to be bookable on your website using Beyonk, they get:

1) Embedded booking within their business profile page so customers can book on their page in just a few clicks. See an example here.

2) Each activity a business uploads to Beyonk, will generate you a rich SEO activity page in your things to do section where customers can book directly from too. This drives you more web traffic and provides businesses more bookings. E.g. a Farm attraction may offer a Maze Walk, an alpaca walk, Meerkat visits and much more. Each one of these is a great experience in it's own right and will get a separate page, showing up in google for each term and getting booked by more people. If a business has 5 experiences, they'll have a chance to get 5 times as many bookings from your website. See Visit Cornwall's activity page here:

3) Beyonk also optionally provides a "" style e-commerce shop for you to sell experiences. We build a bespoke platform for you, which sits on your website domain and enables people to find, compare and contrast experiences, viewing by map and applying lots of filters. This is an optional add-on and is a really powerful bit of technology that will improve your website stats, bookings and usability. See Visit Cornwall's here:, and Visit Somerset's here:

Beyonk and TXGB

Depending on whether businesses choose to get bookable by Beyonk or TXGB will dictate how consumers book with them on your website.

If they choose to use TXGB, they'll get a book now button on their business page. If they choose to join the Beyonk booking ecosystem, they'll get multiple pages per event they upload and bookability within your website.

Beyonk specialises in booking systems for businesses and tourist boards and destinations. Nothing more. Nothing less. Know that by partnering with Beyonk, we'll be a valuable tool and partner on your side to power your booking initiatives and drive maximum success.

Want to find out more? Email us and our CEO will be in touch.

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