Bounce Back with Beyonk

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for the industry and it could still be for some months to come.

Whilst it takes some time to get back to normality, we've been seeking creative ways to support where we can. From helping launch virtual tours and activities to supporting on marketing and partnerships to grow communities.

Now it's time to launch Bounce Back with Beyonk. Catchy ey? Sure, but what is it?

In a bid to help providers bounce back from the Coronavirus pandemic, we'll be offering the first ever (that we know of), no-fees booking system.

For the rest of 2020, we're waiving all our fees on our booking system, and we'll even pay the payment processing fees to Stripe for you. Whilst you'll be able to take bookings on your own website for free, you'll also have the choice of sharing these across our network of National Parks, Ordnance Survey, Tourist Boards and others websites to help your business pick up, reach more customers and try to recoup some of lost business due to Coronavirus.

We know this will be a welcome relief to many who need to cut costs and attract more customers to make up for lost time. Whilst we'd love to make this limitless - there has to be some boundaries, so here goes...


We have to of course put some limitations in place, or we run the risk of running out of money ourselves covering your payment processing fees...

- Offer is valid through the entire duration of 2020 to support businesses open up when and how they can.

- Fees are waived for, and bank fees paid for by Beyonk for booking system channel only. Any experiences sold through the distribution channels still have relevant fees.

- It will be first come first serve with bookings. We'll cover up to £325,000 in transactions through the booking system. After this there will be no more waived fees.

- Total transactions are limited to £3250 per business to allow more to get involved.

How to get involved?

If you're already using the booking system - we'll automatically reflect this in your billing when sales are made

If you're a current Beyonk member not yet using the booking system, if you want a demo, drop time in my diary , or log in and visit your Integrations page to add the booking software to your website

If you're not yet working with Beyonk, set up an account here , add your experiences and system to your website and you're ready to go. You can choose to share your experiences across the channels you so wish (national parks and tourist boards), or just use the booking system by itself. If you want to have a chat before you get involved, lets jump on a call.

If you have any other ideas for how we can support, let us know. We're passionate about building a long-lasting engaged community through providing a great service and software, so we'll do all we can to help!

Why get involved?

Over 60% of bookings are made out of office hours. Having a booking system allows you to leave the office at a reasonable time, and automate all your notifications, money, customers and calendars easily in one place.

Whats more - working with Beyonk helps you to push your activities where customers are looking - tourist boards, parks, hotels and more.

Not sure if booking systems are for you? Or want to estimate the impact to your business? Message us and we'll provide some info!