Beyonk overview and related subdomains or platforms (Beyonk Facebook, Beyonk Instagram etc. ) are operated by Hvit Limited (otherwise referenced as the platform, we, us, ourselves, the website, beyonk,,

These terms of business set out a legally binding contract between Beyonk and the supplier / vendor / adventure leaders as individuals; companies and / or organisations using the website and Beyonk services for commercial reasons (hereon referred to as you; supplier; provider)

Beyonk provides a software platform for you to share your adventure activities / events / listings with customers and take bookings. Upon using Beyonk (having an account, submitting information or contacting customers that have found you via Beyonk) the terms in this text are inherently agreed. Should any dispute arise, this document will work alongside other agreements in place, including the customer terms and conditions for using Beyonk and your own terms and conditions you provide to the customer for any transaction. Upon using Beyonk and accepting our terms, you confirm you are authorised to act on behalf of the supplier / vendor, company or organisation in which you are representing

Our service

We aim to make it easier for adventure leaders to operate an online business, to provide a seamless experience, to help minimise admin and to help adventure leaders become more visible online. Adventure leaders upload activities, availability, price and customer terms and conditions. Should this information pass a quality check (including the adventure leaders providing evidence of relevant certifications and first aid) by Beyonk, the information will be made public and published to the website. Customers may enquire for more information. At which point you should aim to respond within 24 hours to provide the best experience to customers (although we recognise this is not always possible).

Your responsibilities

Communicate solely through

Upon a customer booking, customers agree to your terms and conditions that you add when you create a profile. These do not override the Beyonk supplier or customer terms, but are a way of you adding any additional protection above and beyond the Beyonk terms, should you feel it necessary to do so. Should the adventure leader wish to communicate with the customer, they agree to do so through the Beyonk platform. This is important as this protects both the adventure leader and customer in the case where a refund has not been resolved and Beyonk has to investigate. Likewise, if an event is cancelled, Beyonk may be unable to help if communications take place off the website. Customers may have multiple bookings and are using Beyonk to streamline their activity, it is in the best interest of all to manage these relationships in a central place.

Keep availability and information up to date

It is imperative that you keep your events up to date and, if taking bookings elsewhere, update number of places available through Beyonk to avoid double booking of places.

When you get paid

You will receive payment 3 days after the event takes place. This will allow for ease of refund should the event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or due to customer cancellations before the event goes ahead.

After the adventure has taken place, payment in full (minus Beyonk fees and payment processing fees) will be sent to the bank details you provide. Should you not provide these payment details, payment will be delayed until details are provided. The Beyonk fee structure is outlined upon setting up an adventure leader account.

It is your responsibility to ensure your adventure is safe, and consistent with the description you provide in your advert. You should make sure you are comfortable with the customers attending by messaging through the beyonk website.

Limitations of the Beyonk service

As we only provide the technology to link suppliers up with customers, we do not act as an agent. We believe the suppliers are the experts in the services they provide and the information they provide should be sufficient to allow for customers to make their purchasing decision. We will be sharing adventure details with our community (Facebook, Instagram, Email etc.), this will not be us acting in a re-seller capacity but will be acting to fulfil our aim of sharing information, making activities more visible to try and make adventure more accessible.

Upon taking any bookings, we provide you with a messaging service through the Beyonk website, so you can provide any additional information or answer any questions.

Refunds and cancellations

Refunds based on poor experience

Should a customer have a complaint or request a refund on the event you provide, it is your responsibility to resolve the situation and make good where necessary. Beyonk is limited to providing technology. The format and quality of your adventures and events is solely your responsibility and any issues must be handled directly between customer and provider.

Should the customer request a refund owing to poor customer experience or issues relating to the service you provided, it is your responsibility to manage this client interaction and provide any refund as requested should you reach agreement. Should you need to provide a refund to a customer, you will not be able to recoup the commission Beyonk has taken for a sale. Beyonk will not be liable for the service provided, it is your responsibility to reach an agreement with the customer regarding any refund to make right any issues.

As a last resort, should you not be able to reach a resolution, you should message Beyonk to investigate. Upon which point you may be subject to paying customers a full refund, pending the outcome of the investigation. You must manage all communications through the Beyonk platform to limit risk of you being liable for the full refund. We reserve the right to remove adventure leaders from the website who we find do not offer satisfactory service as assessed by us. We will not be held liable for any loss of revenue in this instance.

Cancellations of activities by you

We reserve the right to remove, edit or cancel any events from the Beyonk platform should we deem it necessary.

Should you need to cancel any event due to unforeseen circumstances please contact us as soon as possible stating the reasons why this event was cancelled. To mitigate negative customer experience, you should look to provide alternate adventures / activities or dates for the adventure to go ahead, as well as offering a full refund for those who do not agree to the alternative options. Should your activity fall under the Package Travel Regulation 1992, you will be liable for ensuring you comply to the regulations

Cancellations by customers

Upon using Beyonk services, you agree customers can cancel bookings up to 31 days before the activity start date and receive a full refund, minus 25% of the final amount which is classed as a deposit. Should they cancel within 31 days of the activity going ahead, they will receive no refund. You will continue to receive the money you would have got, had this customer gone ahead on the adventure to ensure your adventure can go ahead as planned for other customers.

Setting the minimum number of people on your trip

Whilst it is in the customer's interest to not have a minimum number of people set on adventures, we appreciate a guide must make it worthwhile for them to run adventures. There are a number of ways to manage the minimum number of customers required for a trip to go ahead:

Update your booking terms

  • Edit your terms at with: 'If the minimum number of people has not been reached up to 31 days before the event, the guide will seek to offer alternate dates. If the new dates do not work, a full refund will be provided.'
  • This works best for guides who are sure they are going to meet the minimum number of people and for events where people plan a long time in advance (usually events over £150)
  • You should aim to fill spaces of adventures and not rely solely on Beyonk to avoid letting customers down
  • It is your responsibility to message customers before 31 days on an event if it’s not going ahead and remove the available spaces if you decide to cancel the event
  • Please let Beyonk know so we can process the refund to your customers

Set a minimum booking size

Set a minimum booking size required for the trip to go ahead. E.g. if you select the quantity of 2, a sale must be for 2 people or more before the trip goes ahead (In this case an individual would not be able to book unless they found a friend). Once a group booking of 2 has been reached, any number of people can book on, up to the maximum you set. The higher the minimum customers required, the more unlikely it is you’ll make sales. Adventures should be crafted with accessibility in mind, to help individuals join but also make it worth the guides time.

Quality & fair practice agreement

Provide best price guarantees through Beyonk

When using Beyonk services, you agree you will not offer a lower price for a comparable adventure on any other platforms or services. If a customer has already booked this activity, you agree to refund the price difference within 14 days of the activity going ahead.

Ensure availability of events is kept accurate

You agree to keep the availability of your events up to date. By listing an activity on Beyonk for specific dates you are making a commitment to run the activity as advertised assuming you obtain bookings, your terms and conditions are met and unforeseeable circumstances do not interfere.

Ensure commission is paid

As we aim to increase the visibility of your adventures, you may receive additional customers. Should these customers contact you off the Beyonk platform and you become aware they’ve found your services through Beyonk, you agree to provide Beyonk with the commission owed should any sale or future sale go ahead. Should we find out you have not provided commission based on a sale that has been derived through Beyonk we reserve the right to remove all activities from Beyonk platforms and terminate any contracts in place. Should we provide proof of commission being withheld we reserve the right to recoup this commission through your account or by submitting an invoice to recoup funds, should your account have insufficient funds.

This does not apply in the instance where you get customers who become repeat customers and they do not book through Beyonk – we have no claim to this money.

Will not redirect Beyonk web visitors to other locations

You agree to not place links to any other websites from (including advertising other websites, sharing blogs, social media or other channels).

We are trying to make adventure more accessible which includes making all the necessary information customers need on the website. By sharing links to other sites, you may be more vulnerable to claims from customers on the grounds of the information you provided being misleading. Should any cancellations or refunds be requested, the Beyonk platform will be less effective at investigating and resolving any matters. Adventure leaders found to be using external websites will be notified, links will be removed by admin and second offences may lead to expulsion from the platform.

Have a contingency plan in place

Should you fall ill, get injured or otherwise be unable to run the adventure for any reason, you should aim to have a back-up adventure leader in place if possible. It is important to remember some customers may be travelling long distances and taking time off work to participate in your event and everything in your control should be done to avoid negative experiences for customers. We encourage all customers to get insurance against the unforeseen circumstances meaning an event cannot go ahead, but you should try to mitigate this risk. We understand this is not always possible. In which case a full refund will be provided to customers and you will not receive any money for the adventure not being provided.

Have necessary qualifications and training experience to run your adventure

Upon registering and creating an account with Beyonk, you must agree you have the relevant certifications, first aid and insurance to run the adventures you list on Beyonk. You must ensure you keep these certifications, first aid and insurance up-to-date so you have cover at the time of the adventure.

Your information, images and public information

You agree it is your responsibility to ensure all information submitted to the Beyonk platform is an accurate representation of the service you will provide. Should any information be deemed as misleading and legal action ensues, you agree you will indemnify Beyonk against all resulting legal damages and costs.

As part of Beyonk’s marketing strategy, we intend to share your events and adventure leader profiles to make your event more visible and to inspire people based on the unique stories and adventures our guides have ventured on. You agree the information submitted can be used by us for marketing purposes on any other site or social media channel.

By using Beyonk services you agree that your information, logos, trademarks, name complies with English Law, including but not limited to Package Travel Regulation 1992 and Trade Description Act 1968. This includes have the correct permissions and agreements in place for the use of any material you may have reused.

We may help to write you adventure descriptions and upload royalty free images to help customers read and understand what you adventures may entail. Time and money is spent on a copywriting team helping fill your spaces through the Beyonk website – these are not to be used elsewhere. The descriptions and additional photos written for the Beyonk website are not yours to own or reproduce elsewhere.

Using the Beyonk platform

We reserve the right to amend the look, feel, overall content of the Beyonk platform and associated pages without giving prior notice. We also reserve the right to amend or decline / delete information on our Beyonk platform. We reserve the right to amend our business model, pricing, terms and conditions and the way we work with suppliers or customers, but we will notify you in advance of any changes to commercial terms such as pricing. Our aim is to support adventure leaders, so we’ll do all we can to make it work for all who work with us.

Liability of Beyonk & suppliers

As far as is permissible by law, we accept no liability for loss from using the Beyonk service. This includes: website problems, errors in listings or late / failures to post listings.

Adventure leaders accept that they have full responsibility and liability regarding the description of adventures sold on the Beyonk platform. Beyonk provides marketing advice on writing the descriptions and will even help with copywriting itself, but the adventure leader must ensure these descriptions still remain accurate of the adventure being delivered. Adventure leaders accept Beyonk is not responsible for the outcomes of their adventures and any possible damages arising from those adventures. Beyonk is not responsible for the customers that book onto each adventure, nor is Beyonk responsible for any customer behaviours or actions. It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure customers are capable of each activity, are looked after and are aware of the dangers of each activity they may partake in. The supplier must have appropriate protection in place including but not limited to insurance, first aid training, safety assessments and consent forms.

Adventure leaders agree the customer is their responsibility during adventures and Beyonk / Hvit Limited cannot be held responsible. The supplier agrees to cover us against all claims made by a third party for the information provided for potentially misleading, inaccurate adventure/activity listing information or any negligence from the supplier. You agree we are indemnified against all damages, claims, and losses and expenses which may occur on the claims made by third parties.

Ending the contract with Beyonk

Both parties accept they may cancel the contract with one another. Upon which point prior obligations will be fulfilled including adventures that have been organised, or payments due to be made and will be governed by the terms laid out in this contract.

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