How does Beyonk work?

At Beyonk, we help people get outdoors. We have two key user groups:

Adventure Seekers

Our end consumers are experience-hungry adventure seekers. Typically, they are healthy, active, professionals and city dwellers, looking for escape from the city and to disconnect from technology. They spend their money on creating memories, learning new skills and meeting new people.. .

Adventure Leaders

Adventure Leaders that work with us are passionate and qualified outdoor instructors. They are either looking to fill spaces on adventures they currently run, or create unique experiences to lead in their free time. They have stories to share and skills to teach.

What does Beyonk look for in Leaders?

We're always on the lookout for passionate adventure leaders that specialise in going above and beyond to provide the best experiences. Adventure Leaders we work with:

  • Have a track record of delivering great adventures
  • Are passionate and experienced in the activity and region they operate in
  • Have industry qualifications and insurance
  • Fluent in English and keen to help people get outdoors
  • Focused on going above and beyond, willing to take care of logistics from train station pick-up, providing equipment and planning accommodation where possible

How much commission does Beyonk take?

It’s completely free to upload your adventures to Beyonk and there are no up-front or hidden costs.

For any sales we send to you, we only take a 10% fee on each sale you make. The 10% we take goes to covering our costs of marketing the platform and improving the technology to make it as useful as possible.

For any sales you make using our booking widget software, we charge 2%.

For all sales you’ll also need to cover the payment processing fee charged by the bank normally around 2%.

  • Consultation on your adventure adverts with the aim of maximising success
  • Continuing to grow our community of 7000 adventure seekers to help fill your adventure spaces
  • Dedicated customer support to be available when you need
  • Improving the technology to make it as easy as possible to manage your business online

How do I get started?

It’s quick and easy to get started. Simply:

Create an account to 'Lead Adventure'

Create an account, make a profile about yourself that outlines your booking terms, your qualifications and experience.

Upload your adventure

Add high quality photos, a good description of what the adventure entails and try to answer any possible questions that may be asked by prospective customers. We will review and work with you to make the adventure advert compelling.

Upload your availability

On an on-going basis, try to keep as many dates open as possible to maximise sales

When you get sales, message customers directly through the platform, to get to know them, share time-sensitive information such as the weather and make sure they are aware of kit requirements and what the adventure entails.

How can I make my adventure adverts great?

On uploading an adventure, we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can make your adventure advert as compelling as possible. We tend to give the same feedback across the board:

  1. Try to ensure each adventure advert you upload is rich in information and answers any questions prospective customers may have.
  2. Think about how you can minimise the effort customers have to put in. Offer train station pick-ups, provide locally-source foods, provide equipment for them and call out the awesome routes you’ll show them, the great Instagram pictures they’ll get and the stunning views they’ll witness! We’ll help you to make your adventures special and unique.
  3. Lastly, the quality of photographs uploaded is vital. If you don’t have any good photos, try and test the route and get some, or request some from other outdoor instructors. Images with people having fun doing the activities, with stunning landscapes are ideal.

Can I refer a leader?

We're always on the lookout for passionate adventure leaders that specialise in location or activity. If you know of a leader or small company who could fit what we're looking for, please send them our way.

We'll follow up with them if we think they are suitable. If we decide to work together and they start offering adventures through Beyonk, we will pay you £25 – not bad for making a connection!

How do I make sure customers are suitable for the adventure?

When writing your adventure advert, we will need to make sure it is clear who your adventures are suitable for, in both a physical and skill capacity. You’ll be able to message customers directly after they book so you can get to know them. If it becomes clear that the customers who have booked will be unable to complete more extreme adventures, then either you can look to make the adventure suitable for them, or in the extreme case, you can cancel the booking.

How can I cancel my adventure?

We get it – sometimes circumstances change, and you’ll have no choice but to cancel the awesome adventure you had planned. If this is the case, contact us and your customers as soon as possible, so we can process any refunds due.

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